Dark Christianity
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7 Va. Episcopal Parishes Vote to Sever Ties


Same-Sex Unions, Choice of Gay Bishop Spark Conservatives' Break From Church )

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Why I will NEVER buy a Domino's pizza...

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And why you shouldn't, either

Article inside for the linkaphobic )

To sum up, it's dominionist bastardization of religion at work. Sam Brownback is a certified nutter whose *stated* goals include a mandatory death penalty for homosexuals (yes, just for being gay; no actual crime need be committed here) and doctors who provide abortions (if not the woman getting the abortion herself). Um, HELL no, I don't want a scumbag like this getting any more power than he already has. He shouldn't even be in ANY power at all, he should be scrubbing toilets with his toothbrush along with Monaghan in one of the latter's crappy pizza joints. Domino's doesn't even deserve to be called 'pizza'. It's crap, pure and simple. Which is another reason why I won't ever buy it.

(As to the oft-noted mention that Monaghan sold the company, yes, he did. However, there's no reason not to believe that he maintains a hand in it somewhere along the line, or that those now running it funnel plenty of that money towards dominionist goals. And the fact that he is *actively* working for a noted dominionist - Brownback - is cause for plenty of concern, methinks.)

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