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Two of the country's largest congregations of Epsicopals will vote next week on weither to seperate from the American church and line up with an Nigerian archbishop who says gays should be imprisoned.

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More on Prager/Quran at swearing-in

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]exotic_princess)

USAToday is following Dennis Prager and his blog on the whole 'Muslim wants to swear in on a Quran' fiasco. Wherein Prager says it's Ellison's fault this turned into a fiasco, not his.

Excerpt from Prager's latest blog, linked in USAToday (any emphasis is mine): )

One, I didn't realize this guy was a Jew. Which makes his frothing conservativism puzzling, to me. His ideas about the deists loving the bible so much that they founded the country on it is astounding. His whole... belief system... defies my understanding. Just thought I would pass it on... something to watch.

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