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Disgraced pastor fired by church

Evangelical Chief Haggard Forced to Quit

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The End is Nigh! The Democrats Might Win!

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THE Rapture Index has been high this week. It reached 158 on Thursday, which is in the "fasten your seat belts" alert zone, writes Terry Lane.

All the indicators point to the imminent return of our Lord and the rapture of the faithful, wherein we will be taken up to be with Him in the sky.

If you don't believe me, you can check it out for yourself at raptureready.com.

The rise of the Democrats in the US opinion polls before this week's congressional elections has boosted the Rapture Index a few points. Triumphant liberalism is one sign that we are living in the last days.


But look on the bright side. If the Democrats manage to get control of Congress on Tuesday, the Rapture Index will go off the scale.


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Less than 24 hours after he was fired from the pulpit of the evangelical megachurch he founded, the Rev. Ted Haggard confessed to his followers Sunday that he was guilty of sexual immorality.

In a letter that was read to the congregation of the New Life Church by another clergyman, Haggard apologized

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