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You gotta keep 'em separated...


Churches Should Reject Religious Right's Biased Voter Guides, Says Americans United for Separation of Church and State

For folks who were thinking they might abstain from worldly politics this election, they sure do distribute some mighty questionable materials.

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This just in (you guys are gonna LOVE this)

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Scratch a homophobe...


...and you'll find the keys to his Closet.

Every time.

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Joyce Meyer


I saw a book by this author at the cubicle of one of my customers today. The title is "If Not For The Grace of God: Learning to Live Independent of Frustrations and Struggles" and it seems to be a manual of name-it-and-claim-it belief. Searching for the author's name in Talk2Action only brought up one result about broadcasters. Anyone know much else about her or about the theology in the book specifically (i.e. bible verses used to support the belief, intuitional leaps she makes to reach the conclusions she does, etc.)?

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LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]djquestion) Ted Haggard stepping down from leadership post at National Association of Evangelicals amidst claims of gay hookers and drugs.]

I didn't get too excited about this when I saw it run through the typical left-wing blogs, but now the AP has picked up the story AND he's stepping down.  Makes me think that there's some validity to the "call guys" claims, although Haggard says he's stepping down in the interest of the congregation.

This should be an interesting one to watch.

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It's all teh evil lib'ral's fault


Or something. Note that there is *nothing* about the exact substance of the allegations against Haggard in this press release from the New Life Church web site:


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