Dark Christianity
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John the Revelator


Morning - I thought some may find this of interest

7 lies multiplied by 7 multiplied by 7 again.
7 angels with 7 trumpets, send them home on the morning train.

Independently made video for John the Revelator by Depeche Mode.


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Promising, but not good enough.

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New York Review of Books article "A country ruled by faith"

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I don't say it lightly but this is a must read:

"A country ruled by faith"

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"Stop teaching evolution or I shall smite you with a brick!"

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As 'goblins' knock, evangelicals answer the door

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Bruce Watters used to simply hand out candy on Halloween, just like his neighbors in St. Petersburg, Fla., until he decided the holiday's ghoulishness really didn't jibe with his Christian beliefs. But rather than skip the neighborhood ritual, he's put a Christian stamp on it. For the third year in a row, kids will leave his porch with a piece of candy, plus a religious tract - a concise, colorful handout telling how to attain salvation through Jesus Christ.

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