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Bush 'using' Christians


Book says Bush 'using Christians'.

Article and video links to 'Tempting Faith'. The 60 Minutes interview with the author last night was also interesting.

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In the rush to ban gay marriage, Ohio's religious conservatives leave women vulnerable


Please note that the following post could be triggering for some individuals.

So if you're an unmarried woman in Ohio, and your boyfriend beats you up, you are not protected by the law.

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Oh Brother


Last week, Condi swore in a new AIDS Czar. She referred to his partner's mother as his "mother in law".

The Religious Right is foaming at the mouth over Rice and Gays. Like:

"We have to face the fact that putting a homosexual in charge of AIDS policy is a bit like putting the fox in charge of the henhouse."

Not only are they "disgusted" with Condi for treating a gay man with respect, they make comments about being offended homosexuals were permitted to touch Bibles.

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Speaking of the religious right on the attack, the Swiftboating of David Kuo has begun.

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Rude Pundit on the Family Research Councils new anti-gay call to prayer

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]catvincent)

The Rude Pundit is a member of the 'Family Research Council's Super-Duper Prayer Team' under a pseudonym, and reports what those nasty people are praying for. Right now, it's to fight those immoral gays who infest their oh-so-pristine God-fearin' world.

"One thing is for sure - the ideological clash between hedonistic secularists and Americans who draw their political values from moral law - will continue until one side or the other prevails. Battles over these issues are being waged in every political jurisdiction in America. Their collective outcome will determine whether our children will inherit religious freedom. Without it, they will have no real freedom at all."
(Note the ever-present assumption that everyone but their kind of xtian is, by definition, immoral. Words cannot describe how much that offends me - both the assumption and the hypocrisy it shows.)

Here's the full story - and NB, they don't call him The Rude Pundit for nothing!

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