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Theocracy Watch is giving away 2 DVDs... these are truly free, no strings attached. They even pay for postage! Here is a link to the form

More about the videos:

1. Life and Liberty for All Who Believe
Produced by People for the American Way in 1982, this beautifully made 28-minute documentary, narrated by Burt Lancaster, captures in live footage how political operatives in the Republican Party worked with television preachers to "Christianize America in a political context." You can see Paul Weyrich saying those very words to an audience of ministers in Dallas, TX, 1980. Despite its age, the film is incredibly timely as the country lurches toward theocracy.

This 28-minute DVD is great to show to friends, family or colleagues -- to people who may not fully understand the culture of the religious right and its influence on today’s government. It provides a powerful viewing experience.

2. The Rise of Dominionism in the U.S. Government
Videotaped by the New York Open Center and New York University graduate school, which cosponsored a 2005 forum on dominionism, this 40-minute DVD is TheocracyWatch executive director Joan Bokaer’s keynote speech at that forum. It provides an update to the Life and Liberty DVD, showing how the Christian Coalition took working control of the national Republican Party in the 1990s, and how their Biblical worldview is influencing legislation coming out of the U.S. Congress and White House today.

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O'Rielly and Phelps, birds of a feather

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And it's coming from another source that makes me ill but I think it will be good to see him discuss them. Something like a war of idiots on parade.

Bill O'Reilly is going to be talking tonight about Fred Phelps on his 8pm and 11pm (ET) shows.
Thursday, October 5:
• Is nothing sacred anymore? As a community mourns the murdered Amish schoolgirls, why did a fanatical religious group threaten to protest the funerals?

I am wondering if this is going to be a pot, kettle, black situation...

I really don't like O'Reilly and, well, ole' Fred and his clan are a bunch that I would like to stake down into a south Texas fire-ant hill and watch (yeah, that kind of visciousness does have usefulness IMO).

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FOTF Freebies followup


Last August Seattle's alternative paper, The Stranger published an article about getting freebies from Focus on the Family that was widely circulated, including this journal.

I'm just curious if anyone who attempted to get freebies from FOTF actually got anything from them.

I am willing to bet that we'll get our DVDs from Theocracy Watch.

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Confusion point


So, I was in my freestyle class tonight (dog training), and since we had started a new level, a new person had joined the class. Very much a fundie dominionist - she took great pride in telling me and the instructor about a retreat that she is going to in Arkansas this coming week. Whatever. But when she read my t-shirt, I thought she was going to burst blood vessels. I generally wear dog crazy type t-shirts (I prefer my shirts to say things), but tonight I was wearing one that said: "I do not intend to tiptoe through life only to arrive safely at death." WTF? It has been a long while since I was even around the mighty brainwashed, but I am totally flummoxed about what she took offense at. Of course, it didn't help that her dog seem fascinated by mine, and kept interfering all night during the training.

Explanations, please?

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