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CHUD review "Jesus Camp"

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If anybody here is familiar with www.chud.com (C.H.U.D.: Cimematic Happenings Under Development), they'll know that columnist Devin Faraci (aka "The Child Frog") has always been outspoken in his criticism of the Religious Right and the Bush Admin (I've emailed him and invited him to visit), but even he was disturbed.


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In a workshop, Connie Marshner, a veteran organizer, distributed a step-by-step guide that recommended obtaining church directories and posing as a nonpartisan pollster to ask people how they planned to vote.

“Hello, I am with ABC polls,” a suggested script began.

Some attendees complained that the script seemed deceptive, Ms. Marshner said in an interview afterward. She said that such disguised calls were a common campaign tactic, that it was just a suggested script and that she never recommended answering a direct question with a lie.

Isn't Lieing a Sin?

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"Although religion is political, it should not be partisan"

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Finding the right mix of politics and religion
By The Rev. Patrick Howell
Special to The Seattle Times


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Reverend Howell makes some important points, and ones that may be useful in talking to undecided / moderate Christians. Perhaps things like this can open a few closed minds as well.

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Chris Hedges at the Rothko this evening

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American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America
Chris Hedges
Monday, September 25, 2006 at 7:30 PM

Due to the overwhelming response for this event, Mr. Hedges will repeat his lecture at 8:45 pm tonight.
One of the main points about this appearance was the fact that it was so well attended. The space holds roughly 200 people when setup for a lecture. The response to this lecture was totally unexpected. At the last minute, late this afternoon, upon hearing that the event was sold out, Chris volunteered to repeat his lecture for the benefit of a second audience. Ultimately, roughly 300 - 350 attended the two lectures. [info]lasarina and I attended both.

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Big item of note: According to the program, Chris' entire lecture was recorded, and will be made available for purchase on the website of the Rothko Chapel. That's something to which we can look forward.

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