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Will education be enough...

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...this late in The Game?

Sunfell and Lihan seem to think so. I'm not to sure.


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And now, as a reward for 54 years of loyal service...


You're fired. For being female.


And for the curious, here's the letter I sent to this appalling excuse for a clergyman )

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Coulter blames Darwin for Hitler

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New Christian broadcasting TV special featuring Ann Coulter blames Darwin for Hitler* - Raw Story

An upcoming television special produced by a Christian broadcaster that features conservative pundit Ann Coulter blames Charles Darwin for Adolf Hitler, RAW STORY has learned.

"Author and Christian broadcaster Dr. D. James Kennedy connects the dots between Charles Darwin and Adolf Hitler in Darwin’s Deadly Legacy, a groundbreaking inquiry into Darwin’s chilling social impact," announces a press release issued by Florida's Coral Ridge Ministries. "The new television documentary airs nationwide on August 26 and 27 on The Coral Ridge Hour."
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Yes Hitler was trying to apply Social Darwinism in its most hideous form. However, "the ideology of Social Darwinism should be distinguished from the scientific theory of evolution developed in The Origins of Species (1859)." The one does not invalidate the other.

*Note: I have included the text of the Raw Story article. However, I have only copied a couple of the links in the article. Please click through to the actual article to see more documentary links.

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Known by your enemies


The Arkansas Times has an article about the American Family Association attacks on the wife of an Arkansas congressman. Her sin? Preaching tolerance.

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Religious Right leader in Illinois resigns after string of failures


Over the past few years the Illinois Family Institute (IFI) has established itself as the state’s most active and vociferous opponent of equal rights for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans people. This week it announced that its Executive Director, Peter LaBarbera, had resigned. Given his string of failures, we suspect the real truth is that he was given the axe.

Working out of their bunker in the lily white suburb of Glen Ellyn, LaBarbera has churned out ream after ream of press releases over the past few years, once even putting out a press release decrying the lack of coverage for his press releases!

His obsession with all things gay seemed to know no bounds: from his undercover “research” into the annual International Mr. Leather festivities, while dragged out in leather himself so as to “fit in,” to his opposition to not just equal marriage rights, but employment, housing and access to public accommodations.

For all of his activity, Mr. LaBarbera has strung together an impressive list of failures. Here are just some of the highlights:

* When dairy magnate Jim Oberweis launched his immigrant-bashing campaign for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate, LaBarbera enthusiastically signed on, even though the anti-immigrant, anti-gay combination made him look like the choice of far right haters.

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Sadly, no link on this particular info.

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Hate to say this...


...but this entry from [info]rechan only tells part of what LaBarbera's doing in Illinois.

Here's the news article from the Aurora Beacon News... )

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Teaching "Traditional Values" in Public Schols?

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This came from Lindale, Texas, where they school board passed this LOVELY resolution..

Resolution Authroizing the Teaching of Traditional Values

I especially love this part

Whereas it is recognized that traditional moral values such as determining right from wrong, honesty, intergrity, accountability, self-discipline, sexual absitence prior to marriage and fidelity during marriage, self-restraint, sincerity, loyalty, love of country and respect for and value of human life and property are all common to all established societies and are clearly reflective of Lindale as a community.

Looks like an activist school board here. I wonder how many of the parents in this town know about this?

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Church Fires Teacher for Being Woman


WATERTOWN, N.Y. Mon Aug 21, 2006 [AP] - The minister of a church that dismissed a female Sunday School teacher after adopting what it called a literal interpretation of the Bible says a woman can perform any job _ outside of the church.

The First Baptist Church dismissed Mary Lambert on Aug. 9 with a letter explaining that the church had adopted an interpretation that prohibits women from teaching men. She had taught there for 54 years.

The letter quoted the first epistle to Timothy: "I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man; she must be silent."

The Rev. Timothy LaBouf, who also serves on the Watertown City Council, issued a statement saying his stance against women teaching men in Sunday school would not affect his decisions as a city leader in Watertown, where all five members of the council are men but the city manager who runs the city's day-to-day operations is a woman.

"I believe that a woman can perform any job and fulfill any responsibility that she desires to" outside of the church, LaBouf wrote Saturday.

Mayor Jeffrey Graham, however, was bothered by the reasons given Lambert's dismissal.

"If what's said in that letter reflects the councilman's views, those are disturbing remarks in this day and age," Graham said. "Maybe they wouldn't have been disturbing 500 years ago, but they are now."

Lambert has publicly criticized the decision, but the church did not publicly address the matter until Saturday, a day after its board met.

In a statement, the board said other issues were behind Lambert's dismissal, but it did not say what they were.


~My e-mail:

Dear Rev Tim,

You are a hateful little man. Shame upon you for your utterly unchristian act toward Mary Lambert. I hope the congregation votes your butt onto the street.

M Daly

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