Dark Christianity
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Dr. Richard Leakey responds "the most outrageous comments I have ever heard"

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Evangelicals urge museum to hide man's ancestors

Powerful evangelical churches are pressing Kenya's national museum to sideline its world-famous collection of hominid bones pointing to man's evolution from ape to human.

Leaders of the country's six-million-strong Pentecostal congregation want Dr Richard Leakey's ground-breaking finds relegated to a back room instead of being given their usual prime billing.
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30 Days

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Anybody caught the episode of 30 Days where a Christian and an atheist family switch places? Really interesting look into two very different mindsets. I recommend watching it. I can definately see how the Christian family might be seduced by Dominionism, given their worldview. Despite its buzzwordiness, differing worldviews are what it boils down to, doesn't it? I came in right in the middle of it, and the funny things is I couldn't tell which was which at first. Both are at least trying to understand one another. This will be key to defeating Dominionism, which seems hellbent on not trying to understand.

Also, I just got an idea. This movement wants to paint secular government as atheistic government. I think we've got to explain what a real atheocracy has (in Communist countries) and would look like, hypothetically, and how it differs from a secular goverment, and how it is really quite similar to theocracy.

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Who Would Jesus Play For?

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The way a lot of us think, the Constitutional guarantee assuring us freedom of religion is a de facto promise that we're entitled to be free of religion if we choose. (In fact, there's no informed way of reading the clause otherwise.) Sadly, there are way too many religious extremists in the country who think that the 1st Amendment says we all have the right to worship Jeeezus just like they do. I guess this is part of the price we pay for living in a country founded by Puritans, and most days it's more of a philosophical annoyance than anything.

I don't mind people believing what they want and living in accordance with those principles, up to a point. And that point, of course, is where you begin intruding on my rights. I'm a real old-school live-and-let-live conservative in that way. But the Wide Right won't leave it alone. They insist on projecting their narrow beliefs into every corner of American life they can reach and they seem not respect the rights of anyone to be left the hell alone.

This leaves a lot of Americans - a lot more than I suspect we realize - feeling like they're being beat over the head with Jesus. Instead of focusing on political policies that will make our nation stronger, we have to devote way too much effort to fending off the theocratic impulses of our worst element, and even when we do address our most critical issues - say, education - we don't talk about how to foster the smartest crop of young minds in the world, we talk about whether Genesis 1 is a suitable text for freshman biology. The 21st Century is presenting our country with the most brutal global economic competitive challenge in our history, with countless of European and Asian nations lining up to eat our lunch. I imagine China is laughing its ass off at "intelligent design." In fact, if I were running the economic development arm of the Chinese government, I'd be funneling millions of dollars to American crusading conservative organizations and doing all I could to help get evolution out of US schools completely.

Call it an investment in my future.

Baseball, hotdogs, apple pie and Jesus Saves
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Hey, we have the date, again

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World to end on August 22

While the Middle East smoulders, commentators of an apocalyptic bent are lining up for a date with Armageddon.
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No comment. Of note, though: If you read the original article, he links to supporting items. I provided only the link to the WSJ opinion page in question.

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I for one welcome our Xian Deathborg Overlords


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"The perfectly scrubbed whiteness of these people — even when they're not white — is alarming. They exist in a perfect bubble of privilege and cultural isolation. Their friends and family are all like them. Their ideal world is a kind of 1903 Tennessee where everyone is inexplicably 2006 "cool": chastity, whiteness, conservative politics, extreme sports, rock 'n' roll music, TV, great new snacks, and women in their place, obediently following behind their husbands even while surfing some massive waves."

...we are ever pleased to have [info]substitute on our Flist..

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The Lords' Witnesses and the True Bible Code

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Bible Code nutcases - keep predicting a nuclear strike about every week and eventually they will be right. Right?

The UN in Midtown Manhattan will be hit by a sea borne nuclear bomb on 2006Ab15 i.e. on the Jewish Sabbath between Sundown Friday August 11th and Sundown Saturday August 12th, 2006

Our new and 8th sabbath lookout attempt at the date should now be correct, according to 1 Kings 18, since Elijah told his attendant to go back and look for a man made mushroom cloud 7 times during a festival after the first no show during a festival, giving 8 attempts during festivals in all...
So, they try to fess up a bit since they've been running this scam with press releases since April...
2006Ab15 (August 11/12) [7th sabbath lookout period after first mistake]

So one could say you have had 9 attempts, you screwed up each time, give up and try doing something less dramatic! But although our repeated failures would at first sight take more and more credibility away from our work, the world security situation is for a fact moving in a direction that lends more and more credibility to our work.
In other words, as the world gets more unstable, it starts more to resemble the contents of their heads. People who look for nuclear disaster in the Bible are using it for the wrong reason in my opinion.

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Lotta posts today.

X-tian Republicans seek federal judge to overturn State decision of putting Gay Marriage on the ballot.

Because Activist judges for the Christian cause = good.

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