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Hey, I got to this one first!

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Alternet did an article about readers' reactions to the Christian Right in politics. Check it out:


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"Plain of Armageddon" -- Let's DO something about this!


After the current conflict between Israel and Lebanon calms down a bit, I think it's about time we did something about those end-of-the-worlders and the "Plain of Armageddon" bit.

Let's get rid of the plain.

I'm not talking about a violent action; it would have to be done with the co-operation of the current residents there.

Let's mount a project to convert it into something other than a plain. I figure the two basic options are to build some big hills or else a lake/reservoir. I have to imagine a reservoir might be a welcome thing.

Maybe a reservoir nestled among hills?

As I said, this is meant to be a peaceful thing, to counter the crazies who WANT a couple billion soldiers to fight it out there. If we turn that region into something that's obviously NOT a plain, then that's one huge backward step on their checklists.


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quick links, thanks to drudge

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FDA considers allowing Plan B available OTC, to woman 18+ only

Too many tax-exempt religious institutions putting Stafford TX out of business

"With federal laws, you can't just say, 'We're not going to have any more churches,' " Scarcella said. "We respect the Constitution, but 51 of anything is too much."

And one for the LOL files, just because -

CA Christian radio station turns into porn radio

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Aw, look. An evangelical enivronmental group. Look, they have pretty pictures of nature on their website. Must be another Christian group doing the "natural" thing to protect God's gift; diminishing CO2 emissions. Or not.

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More From The Dept Of You Can't Make This Shit Up


"Baby Got Book!"

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Not really an abortion clinic after all...

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Just thought I'd direct attention to an article over in The Wild Hunt.

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two books about Christian panics

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I'm currently reading Lure of the Sinister: The Unnatural History of Satanism by Gareth Medway and I just finished Lucifer Ascending by Bill Ellis.

The Ellis book is a scholarly analysis of witch tales, Satanic urban legends, and Harry Potter moral panics. Ellis is a devout Lutheran and does a good job of remaining objective, although it's clear that he views the brouhaha over Harry Potter as utterly without merit.

In his introduction, Medway declares "I am a Pagan and a priest of Themis in the Fellowship of Isis." Where Ellis' book is mainly about urban legends and their origins in folk practices and myths, Medway writes about the historical origins of various legends about Satanic conspiracies and cults. Both Medway and Ellis take pains to differentiate between witchcraft and Satanism.

Both books make for very interesting reading. Numerous examples of unfounded declarations abound -- declarations that are then used to stir up moral panics and witch hunts both literal and figurative. The similarities between ancient unverifiable assertions about incestuous orgies during witches' sabbats and modern wild claims such as "Most homosexuals eventually learn to immerse themselves in feces" are undeniable.

I think a primary characteristic of Dominionists is a "faith" so strong that reality must bend to accommodate it. In other words, it doesn't matter if a certain assertion is true or not (such as the infamous "Harry Potter Books Spark Rise in Satanism Among Children") as long as it fits in with your worldview.

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Good find

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How did evangelicalism get to the point where its leaders are openly bragging about transforming nations? How did we get to the point where the term "mission" has now been broadened to include marketplace (commerce) and changing the governments of nations? When did "mission" quit meaning evangelism, i.e., sharing the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ from the Written Word of the Bible? When did it start meaning social action of the most dominionist kind

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An invite

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I have posted a condensed version of my history with the cult like Christian group that I belonged to in the late 90's, early 00's in response to a thread about the group on a local blog.

I have invited the members of that group to post anonymously with thier replies in my blog.

Here is hoping it all remains civil. However, if any of them do reply, it should be educational.

It may be triggery for some people, watch the click throughs.

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Is Faith Good for Us?
Phil Zuckerman

Phil Zuckerman is an associate professor of sociology at Pitzer College in California. He is the author of Invitation to the Sociology of Religion (Routledge, 2003) and is currently writing a book on secularization in Scandinavia.

Whether Christian, Muslim, Jewish, or Sikh, there is one common belief that all religious fundamentalists share: worship of God and obedience to his laws are essential for a peaceful, healthy society. From Orthodox rabbis in the occupied West Bank to Wahhabi sheiks in Saudi Arabia, from the pope in Vatican City to Mormons in Salt Lake City, the lament is the same: God and his will must be at the center of everyone's lives in order to ensure a moral, prosperous, safe, collective existence.

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