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Chriatian Science Monitor on "Religion of the Founding Fathers" question

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This year, lots of fireworks over the Founders' faith
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What was that commandment again?

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Memphis church appropriates the Statue of Liberty. (link via [info]rmjwell)

This is a sickeningly inappropriate conflation of patriotism and Christianity. And yet, if anyone had the temerity to object, they'd be labeled "unpatriotic" -- and if it went so far as a legal objection (which I don't think it can in this instance, as Lady Liberty isn't a government symbol), that would be taken as evidence that "Christians are persecuted in America". It's a no-win situation for the rest of us.

The substitution of the Ten Commandments for the original verse is particularly choice, given that this statue clearly breaks the commandment against making a graven idol. Perhaps their God, who is nothing if not a jealous God, will register his displeasure by throwing a few lightning bolts at the thing.

OTOH, I wonder what the result would be if there were a letter-writing campaign congratulating the church on recognizing religious diversity in America by erecting a statue of the Goddess in her aspect as Freedom...?

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