Dark Christianity
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Da Vinci Code is anti-Christian?

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It's a blog, and it seems like a minor point, but I found it sadly humorous, especially when the blogger didn't 'get' the sarcasm in one of the comments. I mean really, question your faith? Wonder about it? Think about it? No, fool - the Bible is 100% true and to entertain the notion that it is otherwise is to allow SATAN into your heart!! *cue thunder and lightning*

Ugh. This kind of stuff has me turning away from Christianity more and more, not a flippin' book.

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And they'll know we are Christians by our... donuts?

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With [info]siliconshaman's permission, a link to a fundie essay that's been going the rounds for a while, and to his rebuttal. Not posting the text itself because I know the key contention that made me say "this needs a wider audience" is not necessarily shared throughout this comm:


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