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Student wears cap over Yarmulke to avoid harassment by assistant principal

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"Paul Seelig said Brad, 16, a sophomore, had been going through tough times until he rediscovered his religion last fall. This prompted Brad to wear a yarmulke to class in October. But on that day, Brad said, Assistant Principal Scott Brouthers questioned him about the yarmulke and told him "he needed Jesus in his life."

This is completely illegal. This guy should be FIRED!

"Not wanting to stand out, Brad said he chose to wear a baseball cap, with his name emblazoned on it, over the yarmulke. Even though Brad said he explained to Brouthers that he was wearing the cap for religious reasons, he said the assistant principal would daily tell him to take off the cap. At least twice more, Brad said, Brouthers spoke to him about needing Jesus."

"Brad said any thought of even having the yarmulke visible again ended after classmates, who learned he was Jewish, told him he was going to hell."

"Evans said school officials also are investigating the Seeligs' complaint that Brouthers violated the district's code of ethics and standards of conduct. Evans said he couldn't discuss it further because it is a personnel matter."

Yeah, they'd better be investigating. And if I was a parent of that child, I'd be contacting the ACLU. They need to get on the harassment by the other students too! But saying "Happy Holidays" is OPPRESSING Christianity!

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