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New York Times article

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There is a interesting article in the New York Times today on the red/blue state divide and how religion is a big part of it. My favorite factoid was:

For example, the fraction of the population who agreed with thestatement "AIDS is God's punishment for immoral sexual behavior" washighly correlated with whether the state was red or blue, according tosurveys conducted by the Pew Research Center.

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Good news in South Dakota

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I find it especially interesting that democrat candidates are popping out of the woodwork in massive numbers, and that this law has caused a schism in the Republican ranks.

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American Family Association

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Amercian Family Association -

A good friend directed me here when I said to him that I thought that the Christian Right were more of a threat to this country then Al Qaeda.

With that said, I'm looking for info on the American Family Association. Any dark secrets about them, how far they have infiltrated the destruction of our freedoms, who is supporting them, do they get money from the governement.

Any help will be most greatful.

Shine On


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Gay Marriage? Baad! Teen Marriage? Good!

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Article: Despite senator’s efforts, juvenile marriage ban advances

Topeka — Citing Loretta Lynn and the Virgin Mary as successful women who married young, Sen. Kay O’Connor voted against a bill that would prohibit 14-year-olds from marrying.

But the Senate didn’t go along with O’Connor on Wednesday, approving the measure 36-4. The House is expected to take up the bill today, and if it approves, the proposal will be sent to Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, who has called for restrictions on underage marriages.

During Senate debate, O’Connor, R-Olathe, said, “I see this as a pro-abortion bill.”


O’Connor noted that girls mature earlier than boys, and that history is full of prominent women who were married in their early teens. She cited country singer Loretta Lynn, who was married when she was 13, and Mary, the mother of Jesus, whom some scholars say was probably about 16 when married, based on the norms of the time.


The issue erupted last year in Kansas when a 22-year-old Nebraska man impregnated his 14-year-old girlfriend and seven months later brought her to Kansas to get married. Nebraska law prohibits the marriage of people younger than 17 regardless of parental consent.

Thanks to [info]ytterbius for point out the last paragraph. I must have overread it, but it's clearly the most disturbing part of the article.

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Religious camp movie


Jesus Camp focuses on turning kids into 'soldiers of Christ'.

New York, USA - Becky Fischer, who runs an evangelical summer camp where children as young as six are encouraged to "take back America for Christ," says indoctrinating children is not only right but essential.

Fischer is the central character in "Jesus Camp," a documentary about Pentecostal evangelical Christians, some of whom send their children to summer camps where they pray, "speak in tongues" and are encouraged to campaign against abortion.

"Extreme liberals, they have to look at this and start shaking in their boots," Fischer says in the film, which was showing at the Tribeca Film Festival this week.

With no voice-over or commentary, the movie follows Fischer at events for children in North Dakota and Missouri.

In one scene a cardboard President George W. Bush is brought on stage at an assembly so attendees can pray that he make America "one nation under God." In another a preacher shows plastic models of tiny fetuses and leads a prayer saying: "God end abortion, and send revival to America."

Heidi Ewing, who directed the film with Rachel Grady, said the aim was to be balanced and show a slice of U.S. culture unfamiliar to many in America and abroad. Ewing said they wanted to include a critical voice to question Fischer but had deliberately chosen a Christian -- radio host Mike Papantonio -- to be that voice of dissent.

That ought to be an interesting film...

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