Dark Christianity
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Link: exposing anti-choice abortion clinics

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Not specifically dominionist, but it sure does smack of them, doesn't it?


I believe in abortion as a last resort for women who have had all their options explained and explored with them. These clinics do not do that, and what parts of it they do accomplish are often accompanied by scare tactics and underhandedness.

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Google ads lead to the strangest things.

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Once again, not quite Dominionist, but... a pyramid scheme aimed at Christians? Why am I not surprised? This website will be all too familiar to anyone who's been sucked into the Vector Marketing.

The fine print is great: "Some Reps make no money at all in this or any business for a variety of reasons."

Interesting thread about it here.

I hear AmWay has Dominionist connections, though, so I wouldn't be surprised.

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Is anyone else here every made uncomfortable by anti-religionists? I always describe myself as a devout atheist. I refuse to stand when they play God Bless America at ballgames. Yet I often find myself offended by my fellow atheists and agonistics. They seem to be the mirror images of the Dominionists. One site that bothers me is The Freedom From Religion Foundation.. I emailed them about my concern for their characterizing the Governor of South Dakota as Catholic telling of his anti-abortion stance. Yes he is catholic but many catholics are against the ban and many non-catholics are for it. It is his stance that is important, not his religion. They didn't understand my objection at all. Do you? To me it is like saying "Atheist Josef Stalin committed genocide." That is equally true but still slanderous.

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