Dark Christianity
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Something I find hardly surprising.

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From Panda's Thumb via Pharyngula, we bring you the unsurprising notion that the Bush Administrations' new Press Secretary Tony Snow is very, very likely a creationist tool.

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Article on the Pearls

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We're local to the Lynn Paddock case (she killed her son by beating him with platic pipe and suffocating him). Our paper ran an article on the Pearls.


My apologies for not doing this before: discussion of church-sanctioned child abuse. Warning, may trigger )

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Sensitive subjects and LJ cuts


Hello, all. I would like to commend everyone here for being great contributors to this community. It is your articles, links to news stories, and such that keep this community active and flourishing. It has occurred to me lately that with the large number of readers, there will be some who have either been traumatized or are sensitive to traumas that are specific to the cruel side of extremist Christianity. Reading such things can trigger flashbacks to those who have suffered these traumas at the hands of parents or co-religionists, and can give them great distress when they come across these things.

With that in mind, I would ask you to please put potentially triggering articles behind LJ cuts, with a text inclusion that warns readers of potentially distressing or triggering material. The two major 'triggers' are child cruelty and abuse to adults, including (and especially) rape. If you do not know how to create an LJ cut, there are detailed instructions here.

Thank you all for your help here. This is a difficult subject by its very nature, let's try to make it as palatable as we can.

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I've barely had a chance to look at this, but this web site is a goldmine of articles and links to cults, many of them Dominionist (they're under the "Bible" based section, and no, that's not a typo). I thought this might be of use when trying to check out individual groups.


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