Dark Christianity
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Note the effect of James Dobson


A woman writes to Dear Abby today...this is inevitable, I suppose, but you'd think that any woman with a brain would be thrilled to have a husband who cooks and cleans. Unless she'd a Dominionist idiot.


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Some good news

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Judge Blocks Law to Report Sex Under 16 - NY Times

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Read the rest of the story at the site...

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Kos roundup


Two great posts on The Daily Kos reflect the increased attention that people are now paying to the Christian Extremists:

Unintended Consequences: Chastity and Rape Reporting talks about the creepiness of some of the chasity programs. Pam's House Blend talks about this subject, too.

The United States of America or the Republic of Gilead? looks at the growing similarities between our current government and the "Republic of Gilead" in "The Handmaid's Tale".

ETA: fixed the bad link.

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