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"Shadow War" articles about church takeovers


Chuck Currie has written an in-depth article about the ongoing "Right Wing Coordination" in sowing dissention and dividing mainline churches in this Accessible Airwaves article.

It's an excellent overview about how the "Institute on Religion and Democracy" uses a trojan horse 'renewal' ruse to get into mainline moderate churches in order to fragment them and eventually assimilate them.

The hardliners claim that there's a 'war against Christians'. What they're not saying is that the 'war' is hardline fundementalists against mainline moderates. Right now, the hardliners are winning.

Read this article and its links. Read the Shadow War series at Talk to Action. Is your church being targeted or actually under attack? Read the article and learn the signs and buzzwords. No church is safe, and if you're a UCC congregation, you're especially targeted.

Education is the key. If you know that an attack against your church from outside sources is coming, you can educate your people and counter it. The IRC uses really nasty tactics in its attacks- including defamation and division. Go read. Learn. Defend.

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I'm on national radio!

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The host of Air America Radio read my comments about marriage equality on last week's show. You can read the full thing here.

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Came across this Op-Ed piece in USAToday. It has some good arguments for use against Dominionist Propaganda, but more interesting was reading the reactions to the piece.

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