Dark Christianity
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I'm sorry.

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Never let it be said that I don't admit when I'm wrong.

Recently, I strongly defended Battle Cry. I had attended a previous event and really enjoyed myself, and thought it was a pretty cool. I didn't see the hyper religious-right political bs that others talked about. However, I was really, really wrong. Really.

Perhaps the most explicit call to arms came from Ron Luce, the president and founder of Teen Mania, a Christian revivalist youth ministry, and the author of Battle Cry for a Generation, a multimedia campaign that deploys military images and language to recruit soldiers in Christ’s army. Toward the end of his speech, Luce invoked the biblical story of the Levite’s concubine in Judges 19. (In the story, the Levite’s concubine is gang-raped by men who wanted to do sexual violence to the Levite. When the Levite’s host refuses to deliver the Levite to the assailants, he offers them his own virgin daughter and the Levite’s concubine instead. When the assailants reject such an exchange, the Levite simply expels the concubine from his host's house, leaving her to be raped repeatedly throughout the night. The following morning, upon finding the concubine’s dead body on his host’s doorstep, the Levite dismembers her and sends her body parts out to the twelve tribes of Israel as a provocation to revenge.) “I kind of feel like the Levite,” Ron Luce confessed. And then he uttered a battle cry of his own: “CUT UP THE CONCUBINE! CUT UP THE CONCUBINE! CUT UP THE CONCUBINE!”

I feel dirty.

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Cognitive dissonance (head explosion) for the day


The gay sensibility,” one speaker informed the audience, is ironic and characterized by the excessively performative use of “air quotes.” Indeed, irony itself is a gay invention, a coping mechanism for gay people who recognize that they don’t really fit in with normal society. Sourced from here.(Thanks to [info]lizzypaul for the link.)

I'm a former English teacher. Does this make me a promoter of the "gay agenda?"
I'm going to take something for the headache now.

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"Biblical parks may get tax deal"

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Because they need more money:

Biblical parks may get tax deal )

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Moonies form lobby group; Moondoggle promoted on Discovery Channel


In the 1960s, a drive across the Bering Strait was the theme of a Jack Lemmon slapstick comedy called "The Great Race."

But now that this Moondoggle bridge is being featured on the Discovery Channel, the idea may start to be taken more seriously. I wonder who has made a big donation to the Discovery Channel recently? It actually looks like Moon had one of his own people create this extremely well-done presentation and hand it to the Discovery Channel intact.

It concludes: "Bridge Builder T.Y. Lin's vision extends deep into South America and Africa. Highways could conceivably let you drive from Patagonia to the Cape of Good Hope"!

Assuming you can find any affordable gas or oil, that is.

The Moonies now have their own "Heavenly E-mail Action Team" (HEAT) that will send you talking points on their issues. Don't be Left Behind - sign up today at: selle@familyfed.org.

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Goergia preps to make Bible Study mandatory

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that's right.... whose bible?

Atlanta, Georgia-AP) March 20, 2006 - A bill that allows public high schools to offer classes on the Bible sped through the Georgia House Monday, passing overwhelmingly with no debate.

The legislation, which passed 151-7, would allow high schools to form elective courses on the history and literature of the Old Testament and New Testament eras. The classes would focus on the law, morals, values and culture of the eras.

State Representative James Mills, the proposal's House sponsor, said the legislation would withstand a court challenge because it treats the Bible as an educational supplement.

Now, in my high school, the Bible was taught as literature.

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