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A great Washington Post column by Kevin Phillips, on how the Republican party has been taken over by religious fundamentalists:

How the GOP Became God's Own Party

(I don't believe registration is required; I got a prompt once when I searched the Post's site for it, but now it's loading for me without any sort of barriers.)

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AFA can't stop this one

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Wal-Mart has turned aside a massive letter-writing campaign by the American Family Association. urging the retailer to refuse to stock Brokeback Mountain, being distributed by Universal Home Entertainment. The group, which has successfully campaigned against what it considers to be broadcast indecency launched the campaign last week after ads for the film began being displayed prominently in the retailer's 3,900 stores. In an interview with today's (Tuesday) Los Angeles Times, the AFA's Randy Sharp, accused Wal-Mart of helping to push the "gay agenda" by "trying to help normalize homosexuality in society." He added, "But how many copies are they going to have to sell to [recoup] the losses of customers who they've offended and will no longer shop at Wal-Mart?" But a Wal-Mart spokeswoman replied, ""The fact that we are offering the movie is not an endorsement of the content of the movie or any specific belief. ...We simply offer the latest titles that consumers want."

Wow, Wal-Mart stocks BBM? I'm suprised they're not stocking an edited version with a parental advisory sticker on it.

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Southern Baptist Theological Seminary!

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Today was Seminary Day for the religion majors so everyone came to us, so while I'm drooling over Duke and Harvard and Princeton, I notice the corner has the lovely Southern Baptist Theological Seminary from Kentucky.
So, they're obviously dominonist, we already knew this. I kinda liked the part where if you are a Southern Baptist, it only costs $150/semester hour, but if you aren't, it's $300/hour.
However, I got my hands on (all, down to the kitchen magnets and cookies) of their lovely swag, I grabbed a few minibooklets from R. Albert Mohler, President of SBTS, which I know vaugely connected to Focus on the Family, but not much else about him. It was interesting, this is a table to get us to go to Southern, but the booklets were not "look at how awesome we are!!!" but were "Homosexuality and the Bible" and "The Marks of Manhood".
Anyway, biggest question: Who is Mohler? What's his (probably very large) connection to all of this? (cause yall dig up more resources than I ever knew about)

also, I've got a CD with a bunch of his lectures on it now, if anyone would like to borrow that...

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