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This is just insane. In reading this community I understand what the dominionists are doing and I know that their bleating about being persecuted is all part and parcel of the way they gather people to their cause, but Jesus Christ! Advocating murder is okay? It's sickening, it really is.

The American Family Association opened its airwaves to advocate for executing gays, adulterers, abortion doctors

Summary: Far-right Christian author and American Vision president Gary DeMar was the guest on the February 2 edition of American Family Radio's Today's Issues. In the past, DeMar has advocated the installation of a theocratic government in the United States in which homosexuals, adulterers, and abortion doctors would be executed.

Here's an excerpt of the interview:

DeMAR: The definition of Christian Reconstruction is simply this: The Bible applies to every facet of life. That means not just the judicial aspects of life, such as civil government, church government, but business, economics -- every facet of society. The Bible has something to say about each area. For example, on homosexuals: We do not believe that homosexuals ought to be executed. The Bible doesn't say that homosexuals ought to be executed. What it says is this: If two men lie together like man and woman, they are to be put to death.

PORTEOUS: What the hell do you think that is?

DeMAR: Well, wait a minute. If a guy comes up to me and he says, "I'm a homosexual," that doesn't mean he's to be executed. If you understand the Scriptures, it says very clearly: If a man comes up to you and says, "I've murdered somebody," that doesn't mean that person ought to be executed.

GONZALES: Oh, so what you are saying, Gary, is, if you catch homosexuals in the act, then the Bible says to execute them.

DeMAR: The Bible lays forth the severest penalty, which would be capital punishment for two men who publicly engage in sodomy.


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Hostile Takeover of the United Church of Christ

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Apparently being a Protestant Christian isn't good enough these days. One must subscribe to Dominionism, or die!


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Per [info]catvincent's suggestion, I am starting this thread so we might exchange ideas on reading material that helps to illustrate the hows and whys of why separation of church and state and the idea of democratic freedoms can so easily be subverted and taken away.

These are just suggestions , of course, but they tie into what we talk about here in thie community and they could be helpful when trying to illustrate points to people who are not convinced of the threat the dominionist faction presents.

Here's the list so far from the earlier thread.

The Handmaid's Tale - Margaret Atwood
The Historical Illuminatus Chronicles - R.A. Wilson
The Fifth Sacred Thing by Starhawk & sequels
His Dark Materials ' trilogy - Phillip Pullman
1984 - George Orwell
Animal Farm - George Orwell

Comic Books

Sandman - bNeil Gaiman
V For Vendetta - Alan Moore
Promethea - Alan Moore
The Invisibles - Grant Morrison
Transmetropolitan - Warren Ellis

More suggestions?

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I'm interested in visiting some of the local dominionist/fundamentalist churches, but I'm not really sure what denominations are currently in the mix (besides the SBC and Assemblies of God), just so I can do some personal research on what services are like, what is being said, etc. Results would definetly be posted in my journal.
I know there's at least one other member in this community who used to live in Waco, TX.
If anyone knows of any groups in the Dallas/Fort Worth/Austin area, that would be cool too.
thank yall.

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A Turning Point?

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Wal-Mart said today it plans to start stocking and selling the emergency contraception drug Plan B at its 44 Massachusetts pharmacies after receiving a directive from state regulators.

The retailer said it is also giving serious thought to carrying the drug at all of its 3,700 pharmacies nationwide. The only other state where Wal-Mart sells the so-called morning after pill is Illinois, where a state law requires it. Elsewhere, Wal-Mart has refused to stock the drug for undisclosed "business reasons."

The state Board of Registration in Pharmacy voted unanimously this morning to require Wal-Mart to stock and dispense Plan B, a high dose of hormones that women can take three to five days after unprotected sex to prevent pregnancy.
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Plan B has been the #1 target of "activist" Christocrat pharmacists in the United States.

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