Dark Christianity
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So why don't they do it?

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I found this article stating that over half of Americans are in favor of impeaching Bush. So why doesn't congress do it already?

It appears that dominionists represent a minority. It's just that they're so big-mouthed and obnoxious, they seem like more.

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Intelligent Design, Dominionists and Farming

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In the brouhaha over "Intelligent Design, one thing is over looked: the difference in the way Man (Adam) is created... In hebrew, the Earth is called "Adamah", and Man, "Adam". Man being created from the very Earth itself. essentially, then "ID-ers" are calling everyone what racists have long referred to African-Americans, namely "mud people".... In the Sumerian Creation, Man is the creation of the gods Enki and Mami and the sacrifice of a rebel god

The Sumerian Creation

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Establishment Clause Test


So- how much do you know about the Establishment Clause? Take this test and find out!

I scored 20 out of 21.

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This was being handed out on campus today...

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This was being handed out on Ohio State's campus today... One was thrust into my hand along with some spiel about a special being filmed:

Rod Parsley Uncensored

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