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South Dakota considers abortion ban

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*headdesk* The time is ripe, people! What with Roberts and probably Alito soon to be on the bench, it's time to overturn Roe v. Wade!!


In the next six weeks, South Dakota lawmakers will decide whether to make abortion a crime.

A bill that would ban abortion in the state will be introduced within the next two days.

The bill will be called the Woman's Health and Life Protection Act. It will ban abortion, but won't prosecute a doctor who performs one to save a woman's life.

And the lawmaker who's introducing the bill says he thinks now is the right time to try and over-turn Roe vs Wade.

Rep. Roger Hunt says, "Abortion should be banned."

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Theologians Say It's "Against God's Design" To Avoid Having Kids

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Selections from the article:

The Rev. R. Albert Mohler Jr., ever-controversial president of Kentucky's Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, has stirred debate by asserting that it's "an absolute revolt against God's design" if husbands and wives purposely avoid bearing children.

The Rev. B.E. Anderson, pastor of Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Jackson[, TN]... said the bigger issue is the number of "unwanted and undesired pregnancies that are aborted. Those are the real crimes and sins," said the pastor, whose African-American congregation is affiliated with the National Baptist Convention.

Wendell C. Lang, senior pastor at West Jackson Baptist Church, agrees that married couples are called to be fruitful. "I believe that we have a mandate to reproduce godly seed in the world," Lang said.

A bitter response was written for ethicsdaily.com by Miguel De La Torre, a fellow Southern Baptist minister. He protested that whether Mohler realizes it or not, his... theology is "white-supremacy code language advocating for the increase of white babies."

De La Torre also thought Mohler's viewpoint would forbid birth control, since if children are a blessing, then "the best that humans can do is have as many children as possible." However, Mohler didn't oppose contraception, nor did he define the number of children a Bible-based couple should have.

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Phredd Felps is hatecasting

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and I have listened.... Oy.....

to keep your ears to the madness, iTunes music store has the hatecast available.

as his theme song goes:
(with apologies)

God hates America
Land I abhor!
Stand beside her
and defile her

Through the night
jeer the plight
of military dead

From the Gay bars.
to the coal mines
to the parents
filled with Grief

We Hate America
You are all damned to Hell

In listening to him, he really is a nutjob. He'd be amusing if he weren't so powerful within his Church. I predict, a Waco-Jonestown Flavr-Aid fire drinking end...

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