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dogemperor [userpic]


I'm a regular reader of Pam's House Blend. Pam Spaulding posts timely and interesting news stories , mostly centered around LGBT issues, but often including issues that we discuss in this community--one of today's posts is a very good example:

Bishop Earl Paulk believes little things like marital fidelity were for "the little ones...commoners."

Bishop Paulk has a special interpretation of the scriptures that seems to involve a lot of extramarital sex. The leader of Chapel Hill Harvester Church in Decatur, GA is being sued by Mona Brewer, a former member of the church, charging sexual misconduct and acts of sexual coercion.

Click the link for the whole story:


Pam gets the skinny on quite a few of our buddies; the blog is excellent reading.

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dogemperor [userpic]
Brokeback Mountain whiplash


Look! The Christian Right has an answer to Brokeback Mountain.

Here's the synopsis:

Provoked by temptation, a tumultuous affair is about to begin, and it will burn as deep as the desires that brought it to life. Michael Gooden is a God- fearing man who has been married for eighteen years. He has a wonderful wife and two teenage children. But one day he is cornered by an ultimatum that will unleash the desires pent up inside of him. Michael begins an affair that has him torn between guilt and desire and right and wrong. Michael’s wife Sarah is blindsided by his affair. Throughout her struggle to deal with the truth she must find a way to maintain her sanity and strengthen her children for the fiery events ahead. She holds on to her faith amidst the turmoil that plagues her family and her church. Michael abandons his church, family, and home for his new life with his lover Jimmy. His one choice sets off a firestorm of events that will consume everyone in its path.


Sadly, this one does not include Kirk Cameron in the cast.

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