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A Religious Protest Largely From the Left


Conservative Christians Say Fighting Cuts in Poverty Programs Is Not a Priority

By Jonathan Weisman and Alan Cooperman
Washington Post Staff Writers
Wednesday, December 14, 2005; A08

When hundreds of religious activists try to get arrested today to protest cutting programs for the poor, prominent conservatives such as James Dobson, Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell will not be among them.

That is a great relief to Republican leaders, who have dismissed the burgeoning protests as the work of liberals. But it raises the question: Why in recent years have conservative Christians asserted their influence on efforts to relieve Third World debt, AIDS in Africa, strife in Sudan and international sex trafficking -- but remained on the sidelines while liberal Christians protest domestic spending cuts?

Conservative Christian groups such as Focus on the Family say it is a matter of priorities, and their priorities are abortion, same-sex marriage and seating judges who will back their position against those practices. These are not Christians, they are Pharisees )

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The War on Christmas with the final word from the Boston Globe

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]navytron89)

Well "the War on Christmas" is still going on thanks to the Liberty Counsel's  "Friend or Foe" Cam-pain (in the arse) .

Thanks  to the Rev. Falwell and John Gibson's book ''The War on Christmas: How the Liberal Plot to Ban the Sacred Christian Holiday Is Worse Than You Thought."  I believe the grand old paper "The Boston Globe" has the final opinion on this "war". 

Let's be honest there is no hidden plot to destroy Christmas, even the secular humanist magazine says John Gibson has gone to far with this silly nonsense.

But you know journalist who become "writers" have to write about something and if not they will make it up (that called fiction Mr. Gibson, like Grisham and Patterson). 

To make matters worse he is using a holiday which stands for peace and good will toward your fellow human being to generate anomosity among the Christian Sheeple by writting a plot about Christmas being destroyed. (Hey, maybe next Mr. Gibson should write about Bush 2.0's  secret weather satillites he used to control the hurricanes from space to destroy NOLA with as Luis Farrakahn suggested).  

Additionally this "Friend of Foe" Campaign is really a plan to further divide those who are hardcore Christian believers from the more center line people, its pretty sad than instead of showing "Christian values" of compassion and charity we see aggression and phoney phobias generated by this fear mongering.

The evils that these people are causing and they call themselves "Christian"????  IMO, if you two call yourself  Christian, then I should be nominated for sainthood.

My question is where is Jessica Hahn when you need her ????

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Teacher sponsors of Gay/Straight Alliance removed from classes


This article talks about the removal of two sponsors of a Gay/Straight Alliance student club from the school. The back story is Here:

Point in case -- a Palmer High School student brought the ACLU into a fight to create a Gay Straight Alliance (details of which I have previously posted elsewhere). After 2 years and $340,000 in legal fees, the district settled -- not because they felt the suit was right, but because the legal fees were becoming cumbersome. Be that as it may, the GSA was accorded its due status as a club at the school, with the rights and privileges assigned to all school sponsored clubs. You might think that means the issue is closed.

If you think that, however, you think wrong.

Palmer High School is in Colorado Springs, CO, the ground zero of the overt and aggressive dominionist movement. It is also the home of the Global Harvest Ministries, and the always aggressive Focus on the Family, as well as the besieged USAF Academy.

A student at the school wrote:

Yesterday, our two brave and incredible teacher sponsors, Mrs. Lindau and Mr. Schulzki, were interruped in the middle of their own classes by security and were literally escorted out of the building. This caused an enormous eruption throughout the entire school of confusion and anger. Apparently, the district has found Mrs. Lindau and Mr. Schulzki "guilty" of something that they are officially under investigation for and are not allowed on the school's property until the investigation is over, which could be weeks or even months. The faculty is not allowed to release any information as to why our two beloved teachers and sponsors are in so much trouble, but from the sounds of things, if proven guilty, they could be at the risk of being fired. Our principal, Tom Kelly, along with the rest of the faculty, have informed us that it has absolutely nothing to do with the G/SA, but I don't buy that for a second. It is far too coincidental that these two teachers, out of 200 others, would be accused of doing something so awful.

The bottom line: these people will stop at nothing to get their way. If they have a way to circumvent something, they will. If they have money, they'll spend it all to get their way. If they make the rules (as many do, since they have taken over many school boards), they'll use them against you. Mercy, tolerance and compassion are not qualities of dominionists.

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"Ten Commandments" judge running for governor


Former Moore supporter reveals chilling prophesy

The woman who filed suit to reinstate Roy Moore as Alabama’s Supreme Court chief justice now fears his election as governor.

Whether Christian talk show host Kelly McGinley had a falling out with the right wing of the Republican Party or saw a vision of the future, she’s saying some chilling things.

From Mobile, Ms. McGinley said Mr. Moore and his followers want to establish a theocracy, or a government by a person or persons who claims to rule with divine authority.

She said they “wish to bring a government based on Old Testament law, which would administer the death penalty for offenses ranging from homosexuality to talking back to your parents.”

She says his election could trigger a major showdown between state and federal governments that could lead to violence.

She links the Republican Party, the Council for National Policy, the Rev. Sun Myung Moon and Masons in a web of conspiracy to impose Biblical law.

“It is too extreme for the likes of me,” she said. But it may be a case of her being too extreme for Republicans, also. In 2004, the party blocked her from running for the state school board because of her on-air support for the Constitution Party, even though Mr. Moore appeared with the party’s presidential candidate last year.

Whether she’s got it right or is wrong about Mr. Moore’s supporters, the country’s radical-right element wants to fundamentally change the nation’s government. The Moore wing of the Republican Party is a roiling mass of fearful people who haven’t made the transition to the teachings in the New Testament.

As proof of that, Mr. Moore built his candidacy entirely on defying the constitutional ban on mixing church and state.


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What we're up against


"I want to be Invisible. I do Guerrilla Warfare.

I paint my face and travel at night.

You don't know it's over until you're in a body bag.

You don't know until election night."

~ RALPH REED, Norfolk Virginian-Pilot

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Stop Fighting Your Allies


This is where the argument is spun on Dominionst bullshit. The best way to prevent abortions is proper sex education and the ready availability of safe birth control. And they have done their best to block that at every turn. They've twisted the law so that anyone who gets Fed money can't even talk about contraception.

They don't want anyone to take pleasure in sex except in the way they dictate. Period. Abortion is ultimately a smoke screen in that it gets folks blood running hot.


~Posted the above comment to a pair of D_K members who were snarling at each other in this post. This IS how they run the whole fucking show. We, their enemies, are still letting them frame the debate. Stop It! Cool off...and then remember what the goal is: the prevention of these people from quite literally talking over The Republic.

~Now go back and read the above, rephrase it in your own words, and then get back into the fight. Nuf Said!

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