Dark Christianity
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Mother Jones seems to have recently noticed the Domionists

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Well worth the time.

A Nation Under God
Let others worry about the rapture: For the increasingly powerful Christian Reconstruction movement, the task is to establish the Kingdom of God right now — from the courthouse to the White House.

Original Intent
Revisionist rhetoric notwithstanding, the founders left God out of the Constitution – and it wasn't an oversight.

And here's another one of interest, from 1997...

Does the Bible Tell Me So?
How Americans Misread the Good Book

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'Far-right group to use Macy's parade to spread antigay message' (More Dobson high-jinks)

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Interview with a Heretical Preacher


"...he points out, religious fundamentalism, which by its nature discourages any questioning of the status quo, has become an ally of corporate greed and political repression. This has resulted in disastrous wars undertaken on false pretenses, a social safety net that is under attack, and laws that increasingly encroach upon people’s right to speak and live in accordance with their own consciences. If Americans are to restore democracy, they must put their faith—whether in the god of profit or in the God of the Bible—to the test, demanding religion that is open, engaged, compassionate and humane..."

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