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Video: Soldiers in New Orleans spooked by spirits


This video is worth watching for the chaplain's statement that "wherever US Soldiers go, God goes with them." What the heck? Are they Crusaders, now?

This illustrates the growing influence of the dominionist oriented majority that are now in the Army and Air Force chaplain corps. Mainline chaplains are disappearing rapidly.

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Harriet Meir's Nomination Withdrawn

Per CNN and multiple other news-sources, Bush is withdrawing Harriet Miers' nomination for Supreme Court justice:


This is relevant to this community because--in large part--Miers may have been specifically selected because she was a dominionist rather than on her qualifications. The most infamous example of this link appears to be multiple reports that she was selected on specific information from Focus on the Family's leader James Dobson. Dobson refused to provide the info until threatened with a possible subpoena; more on this below.

Miers has links to other dominionist groups, as documented in this article (most of the evidence is in the responses), but I'll summarise the relevant info:

links to dominionist groups, as noted by article above )

Interestingly, as more info on her links came out, the dominionist groups started backing away; Concerned Women for America was one of the few dominionist groups not to endorse her, and after a while Dobson started backpedaling. Most news sources are in fact reporting much of the reason she eventually lost the nomination was she wasn't enough of a hardline dominionist (as frightening as it sounds!).

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David Wolfe/other church

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]thornewilder)

Hope this ends up in the right place. Sorry if it doesn't, I'll keep trying. I am not really a technorati, so I cannot tell if this starts a thread or just ends up in journal somewhere. Oh well.

David Wolfe is the person in question. He started a medical billing group in Oregon, and now owns an ISP called SpiritOne. He is listed on the Renew America website - or at leat the name David Wolfe - as one of the 25 most influention conservative Christians who has not been recognized by the Bush administration. Any info on this guy?

Also, is this church an secret dominionist church? I tried to read their stuff but I just do not have the lingo you folks do. I say yes, but I am an amateur with a touch of paranoia. Thanks


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Dispensationalism and its dangers


This excellent recent article by Chip Berlet talks about dispensationalism and why it isn't good to blend it with public policies:

Prophecy Belief and Constitutional Boundaries

A group of ultraconservative political operatives have harnessed a particular reading of Biblical prophecy, known as Premillenial Dispensationalism, (embraced by tens of millions of evangelical Christians) and transformed these beliefs into campaigns to deny basic rights to groups of people framed as sinful and subversive.

Premillennial means a belief that Jesus Christ returns in the End Times and, after a series of confrontations and battles against evil, he reigns over an earthly utopia for a thousand years…a millennium. Therefore, Christ returns before (“pre”) the Godly millennial kingdom. Dispensations are epochs, or blocks of history, during which certain things happen. Premillennial Dispensationalists think that we are poised on the edge of that historic epoch during which the End Times preface the second coming of Christ and his millennial reign.Read more... )

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