Dark Christianity
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Unauthorized Reproduction Bill

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I get that this is a link and you might not follow it, but this is serious. One of the scariest things coming out of the Republicans I have EVER seen.

Unauthorized Reproduction Bill:


Confirmed here:




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Dominionists and racial/ethnicity questions

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Correct me on some of this, please.

One of the things I recall from being a Conservative Baptist is that there seems to be an overriding sentiment that God is strictly behind America (and, to some extent, Israel). And that all other nations have fallen by the wayside or are, in some ways, being punished by God. (The recent reports of starvation in Malawi make me wonder if Dominionists have been saying explicitly that AIDS and starvation are punishments of God towards pagan African nations.)

What, then, of the differences between the races? I have a vague recollection of slavery being justified because the descendants of Ishmael were/are being punished. Am I misremembering this?

Thanks in advance for all of your input and any citations to other sources where possible.

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Creationism Ad just seen on the SCI FI channel, of all places

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It starts out with saying how Ronald Reagan once said he wanted to invite an atheist to a delicious banquet, and when it was done ask him if he believed there was a cook. Then it asks you to imagine eating such a meal and being told there was no cook. Then it says this is happening every day in our schools, children being taught that all life and the universe came from nothing. Then it closes with "Evolution is a lie. Don't buy it. Read the Bible." I believe printed below that was "Genesis 1:1", but it flashed by too fast for me to catch it and I was pretty astounded to see such an ad at all, let alone on the SCI FI channel.

The Dominionists are apparently buying ad time for their ideologies on Cable TV now. I never would have expected to see something like that there, especially not during the Dungeons and Dragons 2 movie.

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An American in chains

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"When an administrative assistant in the navy chaplain’s office showed me a slanderous and hatefilled diatribe against Muslims that was to be inserted into a weekly newsletter to hundreds of Christian military personnel on the base, I decided it was time for action.

It began, “Egyptian Muslim Mohammad Farouk hated Christians . . . in an attempt to obey the Koran and please Allah, Mohammad and his friends began to assault and harass Christians in their village . . .” It claimed that the Koran instructs Muslims to espouse violence and hatred, the opposite of the truth."

~James Yee, Muslim chaplain at Guantanamo Bay

Although only slightly on topic, this article is pretty bad for the US if true.

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