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A critical look at the A-Beka curriculum, part 2

Continuing with my post that I started here, I'm continuing with my critical look at the whole A-Beka curriculum. As I noted previously:

A few months ago, I posted a discussion of the specific ideology taught in dominionist curricula, including the A-Beka curriculum program used in many dominionist private school and homeschool communities.

This particular thread has gained a bit of new relevance, between California officially disallowing admission of students solely educated using A-Beka curriculum due to its educational content being below state minimum standards and a legal case involving groups trying to push a textbook commonly used in A-Beka biology courses.

Hence, I'm going to post my own little analysis of just WHY California would find it unsuitable for kids entering college level courses (I actually stated in the original thread this was likely to happen) and how this could
hurt Pennsylvania students in the long run if dominionists get their way.

Onward to part 2 )

And that largely does it for now. I've been working continuously since from about 6pm to about 1:10am on this; people are free to comment in the threads.

EDIT: Minor, minor edits for formatting. Never ever ever type long essays fueled by sleep deprivation and research geekdom. :3

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Revised Science Textbook for Christians


Revised Science Textbook For Christians.

(I believe the artist is attacking those trying to insert Intelligent Design into science textbooks, a dominionist practice as we know...)

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Evolution vs. ID discussion


Americans United has an excellent article and FAQ about Intelligent Design on this page. I liked this explanation of why ID and evolution shouldn't be taught as 'sides' to an argument:

Q: Why not teach both sides?

A. This would be like teaching astrology in an astronomy course or alchemy in a chemistry class. There are not “two sides” to the science. Evolution is a scientific theory that seeks to explain how life on earth has changed over time, while ID is simply an ideology that attacks science and asks that its ideas be accepted as if they are true. Evolution and ID address different topics, employ different methods and certainly should be judged by entirely different standards.

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A new likeminded group (per Talk2Action)

DefCon America (short for Campaign to Defend the Constitution: Because the Religious Right is Wrong) is a new group inspired by other groups like MoveOn.org that is--much like us and Talk2Action--dedicated to specifically fighting the dominionist movement on a political level and funding political initiatives to fight dominionism.

In addition to an online petition drive, the group also has a news section as well as links to backgrounder info on dominionist leaders and groups.

Talk2Action is listed as a partner blog and Theocracy Watch is also listed; I'm going to see if I can get this community and Yurica (and ex-pentecostals.org) listed as well.

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Breakin news from CNN.com...


Notorious Dominionist politician Tom DeLay was just indicted on one count of criminal conspiracy in a Texas court. This means he must immediately step down from his position as House Majority leader.


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