Dark Christianity
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the struggle for Ohio

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Pastor Russell Johnson paces across the broad stage as he decries the "secular jihadists" who have "hijacked" America, accuses the public schools of neglecting to teach that Hitler was "an avid evolutionist" and links abortion to children who murder their parents. [...]

Johnson leads the Ohio Restoration Project, an emergent network of nearly 1,000 "Patriot Pastors" from conservative churches across the state. Each has pledged to register 300 "values voters," adding hundreds of thousands of like-minded citizens to the electorate who "would be salt and light for America."

This guy is not very logical. Hitler was also a vegetarian; does that make vegetarians evil? But I guess logic is not usually these people's strong point... Negative points for playing the 9/11 card and the Hitler card all at once.

full article (USAToday)

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Christians Unite to Burn Harry Potter Books


Author and Gospel singer Bob Miller, a registered Republican, said today that it was not carved in stone that President Bush will meet with Rev. T.D. Turner Sr. of the Jesus Non-denominational Church, Greenville, Michigan and others who have burned or advocate the burning of Harry Potter books. Rev. T.D. Turner Sr., a church bishop, said the congregation "will burn Harry Potter books and other witchcraft items to let the world know that there are true followers of Jesus Christ who will not call evil good."

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Verily, I sell unto thee...


Today's Salon has an interesting article about Christian businesses.

Day Pass or registration required.

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Interesting article on megachurches

SF Gate writes on megachurches:


Posted as relevant, as much of the dominionist movement is centered around megachurches (New Life, which is a pentecostal megachurch at the centre of the dominionist haven of Colorado Springs, is an example; the church I walked away from is a megachurch in a denomination (AoG) which is both heavily linked with dominionism and is downright favouring of megachurches; even the Baptist church at the center of the original Justice Sunday controversy is a megachurch in Baptist terms (being a multiple-campus church to get around Baptist bylaws on church size).

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Looking for some info

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I know you guys know where to find this stuff. I'm looking for a breakdown of Christian sects, by U.S. state. Also looking for death penalty by state as well as number of executions per year by state. Also looking for poverty statistics, by state, and charitable donations per year, per person, by state. If what I'm thinking checks out, there's an essay in your future. :)

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DeLay Joins Rally for Religious Supremacism


Talk To Action talks about the upcoming "Justice Sunday II: Stopping the Filibuster Against People of Faith" and its lineup.

More from Chuck Currie.

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