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Beliefnet has an aggregator called Blog Heaven "where faith blogs go when they're good". There are some very interesting blogs here. Go check them out.

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Religious Right Watch has posted that another Dominionism conference is slated for this fall in late October in NYC:

Also this fall The Graduate Center, CUNY and The New York Open Center will once again collaborate to present: Dominionism, Political Power, and the Theocratic Right

Dominionism is an influential form of fundamentalist religion that believes that in order to fulfill biblical prophecy, "godly Christians" must take control of the levers of political and judicial power in America in the near future. Popularized by the Left Behind series of books that are said to have sold over sixty million copies, this religious belief system has become increasingly influential. FEATURING: Chip Berlet, Senior Analyst, Political Research Associates; co-author, Right-Wing Populism in America: Too Close for Comfort; Frederick Clarkson, author, Eternal Hostility: The Struggle Between Theocracy and Democracy; Michael Northcott, teaches Christian Ethics, University of Edinburgh, Scotland; author, An Angel Directs the Storm: Apocalyptic Religion and American Empire; Esther Kaplan, author, With God on Their Side: How Christian Fundamentalists Trampled Science, Policy and Democracy in George W. Bush's White House.

Friday, October 21 7:30-9:30pm & Saturday, Oct. 22 10am-6pm.

You can register for the full session or Friday evening or Saturday separately.

To register or for more information contact: The Graduate Center, CUNY 212 817-8215. Or The New York Open Center 212 219-2527.

The DVD of the April conference is out, too- I plan to get it. It's too short a notice for me to go to this fall's conference, but perhaps some of you will go.

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Lakoff on "Language of Values"


AlterNet has an article and a downloadable podcast by George Lakoff about how moral and spiritual beliefs affect political beliefs and actions:

As part of Tikkun’s Spiritual Activism Conference in Berkeley yesterday, UC Berkeley psychology professor George Lakoff spoke to the nearly 1,200 attendees about moral politics, spiritual beliefs, and some of the fundamental differences between right-wing and left-wing politics.

“Lots of people are partial progressives, and those are people that we can talk to,” Lakoff told the conference. He continued:

“The way to talk to them is to find out what they share with you, that is, what the nurturing parts of their lives are. What’s particularly interesting is communities. In the red states -- I lived in the midwest for 4 1/2 years -- one of the most striking things to me was Midwestern communities. They were nurturing communities. They were communities where they had leaders who cared about members of those communities, where people cared about each other, where there were projections of the nurturant family on the communities. And that’s always a place to start conversations, if you want to talk about values.”

Lakoff went on to talk about progressive Christianity versus conservative Christianity, and how that too is informing not only today’s politics, but also many of our past struggles, including the anti-slavery movement, women’s suffrage and the fight for civil rights.

There's a button to either listen to or download Lakoff's speech.

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Bill Frist: oops.


Looks like his God-fearin' constituents aren't too happy about his defection from the party line:


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