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With a Religious State of Mind


This is an article about the progress of the "Christian Exodus" to South Carolina.

Christian Exodus asks conservatives to relocate to S.C.

By Paul Nussbaum, Knight Ridder | July 31, 2005

GREENVILLE, S.C. -- Frank and Tammy Janoski, the Pennsylvania pilgrims, have landed.

With their four children, they have settled into a little subdivision in the country, the first transplants of a movement that wants to bring legions of conservative Christians here to turn South Carolina's government into a biblically inspired oasis.

In the South Carolina of their dreams, abortion would be illegal, the Ten Commandments would be proudly displayed, public schools would be a thing of the past, taxes would be severely limited, and property rights would be paramount.

And if the federal government tried to interfere, well, they'd secede.

So far, the Christian Exodus movement has not been a mighty magnet for change. Only four other families have followed the Janoskis' lead, a far cry from the ''thousands of Christians" touted on the group's website. Even the founder of the group is still in his California home, promising to move in 2006 or 2007.

Their idea, however, is as old as America: a haven for like-minded people with a government run according to their particular religious lights.

And it touches a deep-seated tension within Christianity -- how much to withdraw from the contaminating influences of the outside world, and how much to engage the world and try to transform it.

Read the whole article on the website.

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"Pill promotes promiscuity," bill sponsor says


From Madison Journal:

Bill will try to bar UW from giving out pills

Phil Brinkman Wisconsin State Journal
March 19, 2005
A state lawmaker wants to prohibit clinics serving University of Wisconsin campuses from providing students with birth control pills and devices, contending such services promote promiscuity.

Rep. Daniel LeMahieu, R- Oostburg, said he was outraged when he learned University Health Services, the clinic serving UW-Madison students, had taken out ads in the two campus newspapers suggesting students get advance emergency contraceptive prescriptions before leaving town for spring break.

LeMahieu has begun drafting legislation to prohibit university health centers from promoting or providing the medication, known as the morning after pill. But because the pill is just a higher dose of the contraceptive hormones found in birth control pills, LeMahieu said he also will seek to block the university from prescribing all birth control pills.Read more... )

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Update on Teen at Center of Gay Therapy Controversy

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]britzkrieg)

Zach, the Memphis teen forced to attend a Love In Action program aimed at "curing" his homosexuality, apparently updated his blog today.

I can't really tell, but it sounds like they got to him. :-(

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