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Wal-Mart: anti-Semites


This is not specifically mentioned as being Dominionist, but I would be willing to bet that the poster has no idea of what a Dominionist is. It sure sounds like what could happen if they take over.

Posted with permission from [info]mamadeb's journal:


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New Yurica Report article


Katherine Yurica writes some very interesting, and damning stuff- with Biblical references- about the Dominionists. Her latest article, The Big Lie GOP Combatants Tell about Democrats pulls no punches, either.

An excerpt:

“Democrats are liberal godless humanists.”

First of all, Republican Combatants—those folks who either have the innate talent to aggressively attack other folks or have been trained to attack Democrats wherever they find one, whether it be on message boards and blogs on the web, over the air waves, in our churches, in the media, and from every dominionist organization and at every family reunion they attend—the first thing is to notice they all have one thing in common: they have to lie about Democrats and liberals,[1] but Democrats don’t have to lie about them! Read more... )

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A Church-State Solution


Here's a NYT Magazine article about the church-state problem, and possible solutions to it.

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And the dominionists are at it again trying to wreck the constitution...

...as if that "Flag Desecration Amendment" wasn't bad enough (which has, unfortunately, passed the House)...

http://www.family.org/cforum/fnif/news/a0037064.cfm (warning: triggering to walkaways)

Yes, they're trying to pass yet another amendment to *reverse* court decisions (and mind, the court decision was still regarded as allowing religious monuments if in historical context with *other* documents--aka you can show the Ten Commandments with, say, the Code of Hammurabi or the Six Nations' Accord of the Tree, but *not* as a strictly religious thing (as was attempted in KY).)

They are specifically going after constitutionally reversing the decision in KY, in which dominionist parties explicitly were putting the Ten Commandments in courthouses as a religious statement (as an aside--KY, especially those same counties, were also in a court decision that removed the Ten Commandments from being *required* to be posted in schools--yes, few people know it was required by *law*, and yes, the dominionists are *still* raising hell about it).

(And before people ask, yes, this is by far not the first time this has been tried--Istook has been trying to get this damn thing passed since at least 1997. http://atheism.about.com/library/FAQs/cs/blcs_rfa.htm as well as http://www.atheists.org/flash.line/rfaup.htm list previous efforts, and the asshat's own page (at http://www.house.gov/istook/religiousfreedom/) also details a history.)

Even worse, there is a growing movement by dominionists to actually have Roy Moore considered as a candidate for Supreme Court Justice (including multiple petition attempts):

http://www.conservativeusa.org/JusticeRoyMoore.htm (one of the offending petitions; reportedly the "Constitution Party", a dominionist party formerly called the US Taxpayer's Party that makes the Texas Republican Party platform look downright liberal in comparison (seriously--the "Constitution Party" is blatantly Christian Reconstructionist; http://glaivester.blogspot.com/2004/10/constitution-party-and-christian_08.html notes that one of the actual founders was Rushdoony *himself*; Randall Terry, who runs "Reclaiming America" and formerly operated Operation Rescue, is also a co-founder) also has a petition drive to get Roy Moore as a Supreme Court justice)

This is Bad All Around (especially since Roy Moore is blatantly Reconstructionist; I think if (gods above, gods below, and gods in between *forbid*) he DID manage to get in as a Justice a *lot* of people would suddenly have very good grounds to apply for political asylum in Holland; I know *I* would be moving that "plan B" into place)...it does NOT help that he's presently the "Golden Boy" of dominionists (http://www.pfaw.org/pfaw/general/default.aspx?oid=11927)

More info on this at MooreWatch, http://www.bravesbeat.com/bravesjournal/warliberal/archives/get_your_moore_on/roywatch/index.html

The "Constitution Party", of course, has links to racist groups all around, both from Moore and other members who address the modern version of "white citizen's councils" (http://www.bravesbeat.com/bravesjournal/warliberal/archives/2004/10/more_links.html as well as SPLC's reports). They're also known to be linked to militia groups, including "Christian Identity" and "Christian Patriot" groups (such as Tim McVeigh and Eric Rudolph are suspected of having been involved in).

As it is, Roy's been a bit of a liar all around: http://mediamatters.org/items/200506290001 notes how he actively lied regarding the criteria the US Supreme Court used in the Ten Commandment cases in KY, and apparently the IRS has rejected nonprofit status in past for Roy Moore's groups (http://www.al.com/news/birminghamnews/index.ssf?/base/news/112029583832200.xml&coll=2).

Still...it's not going to be a smooth ride at all. People *need* to be contacting the ACLU and SPLC and likeminded groups. Unless, of course, Holland and Canada want to see a lot of asylum cases in future :P

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Rolling Stone: The Young and the Sexless


A fantastic Jeff Sharlet article about the Christian abstinance movement.

What if the true face of the Christian right in America is not that of Dr. James Dobson or Jerry Falwell or Pat Robertson; not that of an aging, comb-over preacher orange with pancake makeup, smiling orca rows of ungodly white teeth on The O'Reilly Factor or Hardball? Nor that of spittle-flecked Fred Phelps of Topeka, Kansas, roaring that God hates fags? What if the true face of the Christian right is, instead, that of a twenty-four-year-old religious-studies graduate student at New York University?Read more... )

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Another likeminded group fighting dominionists...


Methinks a lot of good could be done in sharing of info with them, as well as links to anti-dominionist groups.

A lot of the stuff is also linked here, I know...but I figure the more networking we can do, the better off we are in fighting them (it's something the dominionists have done distressingly well :P).

There is a sister-group, http://www.talk2action.com/ that will also be useful to work with, IMHO.

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Interesting article (from some sites I linked to earlier)


Very good article on how the dominionist right thinks, as explained through the "Left Behind" books--and how this is influencing US foreign and domestic policy (which is honestly something I've seen for a while, but this puts it rather better especially for folks who may not entirely be familiar with dominionism).

One thing of note that I have not seen before--apparently one of the folks directly advising Shrub on dominionist/"Religious Right" issues, Doug Wead, is AoG; in other words, the very dominionist denomination of which I walked away from, which pretty much has hijacked the Armed Forces chapliancy program to create "Christian Soldiers", the one which Ashcroft is a member of--is directly steering the President of the United States in all his kowtowing to the dominionists. (It would *ALSO* explain why there is so much specific AoG friendliness and imagery in the present administration. I would also not be shocked to see a lot *more* links with that specific group; as an AoG walkaway, I can say that they've been working at this for a goodly forty years :P)

One of the things I'm impressed on is showing the specifics of the armageddonist theology implicit in at least the AoG-flavoured branches of dominionism (which is actually an excellent primer, and also matches what I remember in the group I walked away from) as well as how Shrub is being influenced by these folks and is actively sympathising with them--in other words, it gives a rare glimpse into the thought processes involved.

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Religious Right websites


[info]firepie asked for a list of Religious Right websites. I found a nice collection of them. Here they are:

American Family Association

Fallwell's Moral Majority Coalition

The 700 Club

James Dobson's Focus on the Family

Breakthrough- Rod Parsley's World Harvest Church

The 10/40 window (world conversion site)

FORCE Ministries (Warning- noisy intro.)

Campus Crusade for Christ

Liberty University

Bob Jones University

That ought to get you started. Anyone else, feel free to add to the list.

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American Academy of Pediatrics' Position on Abstinence

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]britzkrieg)

CHICAGO, Illinois (AP) -- A leading group of pediatricians says teenagers need access to birth control and emergency contraception, not the abstinence-only approach to sex education favored by religious groups and President Bush.

The recommendations are part of the American Academy of Pediatrics' updated teen pregnancy policy.

"Even though there is great enthusiasm in some circles for abstinence-only interventions, the evidence does not support abstinence-only interventions as the best way to keep young people from unintended pregnancy," said Dr. Jonathan Klein, chairman of the academy committee that wrote the new recommendations...

Wade Horn, assistant secretary for children and families at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, said counseling only abstinence, preferably until marriage, is the best approach because it sends a clear, consistent message...

The Medical Institute for Sexual Health, a nonprofit group that has worked on pro-abstinence programs with the Bush administration and faith-based groups, opposes the academy's policy shift.

"I don't think it's a smart move at all," said group founder Dr. Joe McIlhaney Jr., an obstetrician-gynecologist.

However, Karen Pearl, interim president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, said the academy "is to be applauded ... for having medicine trump ideology."

HHS' Horn also said advising pediatricians to ensure that teens have access to emergency contraception is problematic for doctors and parents who morally object to the pills. He faulted the report for lacking guidance on what to do when pediatricians' moral views differ from their patients' parents.

Full Story


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Whilst we're on the thread of good research/resource links:


Pretty good exposes, including links (including to the dominionists' own words) on various dominionist groups. Has a bit more info, as well as links to other "friendly" (to antidominionists) groups such as the Matthew Shephard Foundation (http://www.hatecrime.org)--again, networking with both of these groups is recommended.

(Gods, I feel just like a little sheepdog at times. Or a professional cat herder *laughs* But if herding cats helps to stop the people what hurt me and hurt so many other folks, all good)

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