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"Shoes of the Fisherman"


Is it just me, or does this strike you as being disrespectful or even blasphemous?

Shoes of the Fisherman

While I might not be Christian myself, the thought of walking on the name of its savior makes me uncomfortable. I know that such a thing would never happen in Islamic culture- throwing shoes at someone is the ultimate insult there.

And I won't even go into the evangelism aspect...

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PA Lawmakers Debate Intelligent Design

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HARRISBURG, Pennsylvania (AP) -- Experts on both sides of the debate over whether public schools should teach "intelligent design" as an alternative to evolution -- a question already before a federal court -- sparred in front of a state legislative panel in Pennsylvania...

Michael J. Behe, a biological sciences professor at Lehigh University, told the subcommittee that intelligent design has no religious underpinnings. Critics argue that it is a variation of creationism, the biblical-based view that regards God as the creator of life...

The American Civil Liberties Union, one of the groups that filed the federal lawsuit, contends that allowing intelligent design to be taught would undermine the state's science standards, which specify the teaching of evolution.

"How many new biotechnology companies will want to locate here in Pennsylvania if our students are being taught a watered-down version of the complexities of evolution?" asked Larry Frankel, legislative director for the state's ACLU chapter.

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"Theocracy Puzzle"

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From the decidedly "religious right" World Magazine Blog:

As shown in the post "Atheist Evangelism" below, many secularists are deathly afraid that America is becoming a theocracy. To Christian conservatives--who almost never get their way, even from politicians they helped to elect--such an over-estimation of their power and influence can only be laughable. Set aside the reality that hardly any Christian conservatives do , in fact, seek to impose a theocracy. ("My kingdom is not of this world," Jesus said. Besides, Christians know that faith cannot be coerced, and that any government that claims theocratic authority would have to be implemented by sinful human beings. This does not, however, mean that Christians are to be unengaged in their government and their culture. Christians are indeed obliged to work for their neighbor's good in every sphere of life, even in this sinful world.) But what gains have Christians made that leads secularists to think a theocracy is imminent? That Christians are crusading against abortion and homosexuality, though with hardly any success? A few decades ago, when abortion was against the law and homosexuality was assumed by all sides to be immoral, was that a theocracy?

Some of the comments to the post are interesting, if frustrating, to read.

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Gacked from Antoniseb....


Looks like the Southern Baptists lost this one...


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Former Air Force Chaplain on NPR's Talk of the Nation -- TODAY.


I just heard it coming home from school -- the chaplain who complained about the heavy-handed evangelizing at the Air Force Academy will be on Talk of the Nation today, probably between 2:45 and 3: 00 pm.

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Talk of the Nation....


Here's a run-down on the broadcast:

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"No Overt Religious Intolerance" found at USAFA


Hot off the web:

Panel Finds No Overt Religious Intolerance at Air Force

A military panel looking into complaints of religious intolerance at the Air Force Academy found no instances of overt discrimination, officials said today, but concluded that the academy failed to accommodate the diverse religious needs of cadets and staff.

At a Pentagon news conference, Michael Dominguez, the acting secretary of the Air Force, said that he had ordered a review of practices at the academy after hearing allegations of religious disrespect at the campus, located in Colorado Springs.Read more... )

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