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New here... And with a question

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'Lo all!

Just found my way here via a discussion on a friend's LJ, and I've got to say that I'm impressed.

Most communities of this sort, in my experience, tend to swing one way or the other, and thus descend into Troll Wars - As the Community Abstract states, that's not the way here.

So, now, I have a question... How many people here would consider themselves to be a Non-Dominionist Christian? Because I look at all the crap that's going down in the US, and I just can't see how it has any connection to the faith I follow. It boggles the mind, it really does.

Oh, I won't deny that the Dominionists are entirely wrong; it's just that they've gone OTT, and lost the plot.

Side-note: Biblical scholars, particularly, might be interested to note the fact that the only time Jesus ever condoned violence was when he overturned the Temple trader's tables... Which was him making the point about how people at the time had become so tied up in The Rules And Regulations (specifically, their own small-minded interpretation of the aforementioned rules) that they'd missed the Bigger Picture. Sound familiar? It's why I've taken to referring to the Extreme Religious Right as "Neo-Pharisees"

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You may well have seen this already...

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I can imagine people (US Neo-Pharisee Dominionists) looking at this and thinking "Heresy!!", but I prefer to think of it as mix of affectionate parody and desire to promote discussion/debate

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