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Verichip Forum!

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]rev_erock)

Goody, goody! Now there's a Verichip Forum(http://www.theverichip.com/forum/)!!!
There's an entire section on "The Mark of the Beast"...here's a small section of the e-mail announcement;

The discussion board is nothing
fancy, just a place you can go
and post questions, receive
Verichip news, and basically
meet and engage with others
that are interested in the
Verichip, the mark of the beast,
prophecy, and related subjects.

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Did this judge flunk his constitutional law classes?


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Have a laugh


This satrical article had me going for a few moments. Problem is, I wouldn't put it past the True Believers ™ to try this exact tactic.

Foes of Evolution Set Sights on New Target: Gravity

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God, I hope this isn't inappropriate...

Anyway, I'm currently researching and writing an article (series!) on the influences of the ultra-religious right wing on modern American culture. What I've got so far is both byzantine and dismaying -- and I know I've only scratched the surface.

I've got lots of quotes and sources for other areas, but where I'm lacking is material that links Dobson, Perkins, Falwell et. al. to religious intolerance. I've got Robertson's stupidity from just this month, but what I really need is stuff that links other popular leaders of this movement to religious hate statements, or the equivalent.

Can anyone help me? You can leave your links in the Comments, if I don't get whacked for an inappropriate post (I hope not -- this community is the best-informed I know for this kind of thing).

Thanks loads!

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Color me stunned...


I just checked the latest stats on this community, and we've topped 270 subscribers! That doesn't even count the non-lj folks who read it- I need to figure out how to count those readers, too. (Anyone?)

So, welcome to the new readers and to the lurkers, too. There is a ton of stuff online about the Religious Right (and its myriad forms), and its impact on our government and our lives. I try to find as many articles of interest as possible, but I have some excellent assistance here, too. Thank you all for bringing this community to life.

This community is in a constant stage of development and upgrade- and if you have ideas about how to make it even better, feel free to share them with me- either here or by email. I now have an actual email address on the front page. It's dark_christian at comcast dot net.

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And yet more proof that the Midwest is a very conservative place:

Note that this is on the state senate's web site, not simply in the newspaper.

Update: it seems to be working now. And no, this is not a joke. This is from the Oklahoma state senate official web site under "Press Releases."

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You can't make stuff like this up...


Pastor Ted Haggard, of the New Life Church in Colorado Springs, has given some pointers to his congregation about how to behave for the media, according to this article

Colorado Springs-based Focus on the Family has long been a media magnet, for obvious reasons: Any organization willing to take on an enemy as wily as SpongeBob Squarepants is bound to receive attention. But lately, another Christian institution in the area -- New Life Church -- has joined Focus in the national spotlight. The sizable amount of coverage New Life has garnered to date will be supplemented by plenty more in the coming months, and thanks to a Springs-based blogger known as Non-Prophet, outside observers can learn how insiders have been preparing for the onslaught.Read more... )

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This week's editorial cartoons


'Identity theft'
'The Senate deal'

(Use bugmenot.com if either requires registration)

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Having read this story, I call bullshit.

The Pill may cause permanent loss of sex drive

First of all, I have never read of the typical Pill having testosterone in it. It uses Estrogen and Progesterone to suppress ovulation in most cases. Or, as the pro-lifers are constantly bleating, to cause the lining of the uterus to reject implantation of a fertilized egg. Boo Hoo.

The entire tone of this story just cries Anti Birth Control to me.

Yes, I know some women have problems with the Pill. But this just strikes me as looking for yet another excuse to get rid of it.

x-posted to several sites.

edit: The link should be fixed, sorry about that.

edit: I post this here because I kind of smell some religious overtones to it, though it is not overt. If this is inappropriate please delete.

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Shifting balance

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From Yahoo! News: GOP Tilting Balance Of Power to the Right )

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