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Dominist Music, pt. 1

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]deridetenebras)

The band Sonicflood was pretty big in the CCM world several years ago. Everyone listened to them. And they really popularized the song: "In the Secret (I Want to Know You)" On their self-titled album, there's a spoken part recorded after this particular song that really, I think, expresses a lot of the Religious Right's ideas... Sonicflood was pretty mainstream, and, consequently, so are these ideas among Evangelical Christians.

Foundations can't be moved, without destroying a building. If the foundation of this building we're in, right now, were moved, what would happen to the building? It would collapse. Now you can move the building and put it on another foundation, but that foundation-- it's there. Because foundations are secure. Because this nation-- we know what the foundation is-- it's all over the Constitution. It's all over the walls of the Jefferson Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial. It's written throughout history. Regardless of what the politicians believe, regardless of what you and I attest to, truth is truth. The Founding Fathers built it on the truth of the word of God. Everything about the laws of this land were taken from the Scripture, from Old Testament. They were right from, uhh, the Old Testament books of the law. And so, you can't move away from that foundation without destroying the nation. And so this whole debate and argument over what's truth and what's not truth-- the only truth that founded this nation-- we left a country of tyranny for religious freedom to worship. And God's not afraid of who or how you worship because he knows, sooner or later, if you're truly seeking, you'll see him. God's not insecure. He's confident, and so we need to come to him, see him as he is, and that's true worship. Because in the midst of that, all securities are made clear and all fears are relieved.

The statement doesn't actually make a lot of sense in some parts, but I guess that's why these guys are in music rather than public speaking.

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"Aiona: God's love can transform Hawai'i"

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