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dogemperor [userpic]
"Convert or Die"


[info]helen99 gave me permission to link to this post that shows a little of the roots of the Dominionist movement.

An excerpt:

Convert or die
Was talking to an escapee from the Assemblies of God (AOG), which is the christian identity terrorist cult that has infiltrated the Republican party. According to the escapee, and I believe him, their mandate for the last 50 years has been the following:

Infiltrate as many institutions as possible, especially Congress, the press, the military, the police, and school boards. If a school board member recommends a curriculum that is too 'liberal', demand their recall and install one of their own.

Establish "christian" colleges across the country that train their children in politics and military. A lot of the young right-wing politicians entering the scene now are from those.

Eliminate public schooling and social services, nursing homes, etc., and install "faith-based" schools and social services across the country. If you want help or an education, you have to go to them.

Lure the public into the above by severely cutting federal taxes so that the country can no longer afford social services or public schooling of any kind.

Ban all religions except their own and messianic Judaism. Other Jews would be deported to Israel. White American AOG members and messianic Jews (basically AOGs who keep Kosher) will be considered the "True Israel". Other Protestants will be considered "lukewarm christians" and discriminated against. Catholics and Greek/Russian Orthodox will be considered idol worshippers.

Support Israel no matter what, not because they're fond of Israel, but because they believe it is key to bringing about armageddon. Attack and gain control of key points in the Middle East coinciding with the biblical lands of Babylon and Eden.

Install "Reprogramming" facilities where kids who stray are shipped to be exorcised and retrained in the 'ways of God'. They already have these overseas. There have been instances of deaths due to attempted 'exorcisms'.

And as for pagans, wiccans, New Agers, Gnostics, athiests, and GBLT, if the AOG gets enough power in this country, they will be told to convert/repent or die. [emphasis author's]

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