Dark Christianity
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dogemperor [userpic]
Evangelical Intolerance


Interesting editorial commentary from the Guardian about how Evangelicals have become their own worst enemy.

Evangelicals Have Become This Century's Witch Burners

Evangelicals define themselves by a love of the Bible. It is thus a tragedy for all Christians that they are now seen as the nasty party. Indeed, some moderate evangelical churches have become so concerned about the association between "evangelical" and a narrow theological chauvinism that they are thinking of dropping the word. They are right to be worried, for in recent years a virulent form of rightwing Christian fundamentalism has infiltrated the evangelical movement. And they are obsessed with gay sex.


dogemperor [userpic]
revised Bible


A Jewish rabbi believes the Bible should be seen as a great work of fiction-and a racy read

LONDON-BASED AMERICAN Reform Jewish Rabbi Sidney Brichto thinks so. Over the past two years, Brichto—director of the Liberal Jewish Movement in the UK for 25 years—has published eight volumes of “The People’s Bible,” which he hopes will transform the Bible back into the popular literary masterpiece it was once considered.

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