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dogemperor [userpic]
Church/State: The Apostolic Congress


Their mission:

Apostolic Congress Purpose Statement
The Apostolic Congress is a Spirit-filled, purpose driven movement representing, by collective voice, the heartbeat of the Apostolic Community on a national front in a viable and systematic manner. The Apostolic Congress provides a consciousness to the political structure of our nation, by meetings, dialogues and on-going communication. The Apostolic Congress shall lift up a spiritual shield of protection for our Nation and Leaders through persistent prayer.

Apostolic Congress Mission
The Apostolic Congress informs Christians in America about issues such as Abortion and family values. The Apostolic Congress is very much a Pro-Life and Pro-Family organization.

We also keep Americas Christian leaders informed about their role with the current Administration through regular White House briefings. The Apostolic Congress also SUPPORTS the Sovereign nation of Israel. We work very close with the Embassy of Israel in Washington DC. In Addition, we also have a close working relationship with many organizations in Washington. Such as The Policy Institute for Religion & State, The Christian Coalition, as well as many other Pro-Life and Pro-Family groups.



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