Dark Christianity
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May 2008
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How to Share Your Faith using Napoleon Dynamite

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Remember also that Napoleon Dynamite can be used as great discussion starter to lead to a conversation about the gospel. For example, there's a scene where Napoleon discovers a video in a thrift store that eventually ends up being his 'salvation' (so to speak). This is an awesome illustration of how in one way or another we are all looking for that ONE thing that can make our lives meaningful. Unfortunately, most people look for meaning through accomplishments, money, fame, or experiences. This never ends up working, but God has given us a chance to find our life changing 'video' through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Another element of the movie that ties into evangelism is the whole theme of being picked on and outcast. Oftentimes this is how people really feel inside, despite their attempts to look like they have it all together. People can only discover true acceptance and love by finding forgiveness through trusting Christ.

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