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May 2008
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dogemperor [userpic]
"Dress Shoes or Cowboy Boots?"

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]deridetenebras)

a truly WEIRD article by a man named Lou Engle concerning the resignation of Sandra Day O'Connor. includes: prophetic dreams, the merging of church and state, convoluted logic, and spiritual warfare-- all the things we love best about our dominionist friends.

Two years ago, on Fourth of July, I was prophetically led to decree Psalm 2 over the Supreme Court justices: "Now therefore, O kings, show discernment; Take warning, o judges of the earth..." On that very same day, Sandra Day O'Connor was in Philadelphia to dedicate the then-new Constitution Museum. As she pulled ribbons to reveal a massive mural hanging above the stage, a heavy metal beam that was part of the framework of the mural came crashing down above her head. Only stopping inches above her head, O'Connor exclaimed that the fallen beam could have killed her.

I felt that the Lord was saying that because most of the Supreme Court justices were not grounded in truth, they were morally lightweight and unable to bear the framework of the Constitution as articulated by our Founding Fathers. I knew that the Lord was shouting that He was ready to deal with the renegade courts and the issue of abortion.

[...]Finally, last night, one of the leaders of the Justice House of Prayer had a dream where President Bush was in his room and had two pairs of shoes in front of him. One pair was dress shoes and the other was a pair of cowboy boots. In the dream, the President was going somewhere and was asking us which pair of shoes he should wear. We answered, "the cowboy boots...the cowboy boots..." We believe that this dream is saying that the houses of prayer must lift this man up day and night in intercession so that he can be the man that God has called him to be.

[...]We are calling for believers all across America, and especially those on the East Coast, to come rush to this battle, not only in prayer and fasting, but in holy activism.[...] The next few weeks are critical – come to DC and engage in this battle. This day, we fight!

full article here