Dark Christianity
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May 2008
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dogemperor [userpic]
What a coincidence


Here's a News story about a church in Rochester that is happily practicing "Spiritual Warfare"- with all the trappings...

Spiritual Warfare

Evan Dawson (Rochester, NY) 07/04/05 - You have probably never seen an army missile used in a church service or a pastor dressed in fatigues, but that is exactly what you'll find Sundays at New Born Fellowship Christian Center in Rochester, where church leaders have decided to conduct a new program called Spiritual Warfare.

Pastor Warren Meeks knows it's shocking to see a missile inside a church, or to see a house of worship set up like a jungle of war.

However, he says this concept of spiritual warfare has a purpose. Pastor Meeks said, "We take our liberty for granted. A price was paid. So we want to assist them spiritually in prayer."

For the past several Sundays, the New Born Fellowship Christian Center in Rochester has conducted spiritual warfare.

The congregation has been encouraged to wear fatigues and uniforms. Assistant Pastor Perdita Meeks said no one has found spiritual warfare to be over the top.

"No negativity,” said Perdita, “in fact, the first week we launched it, the people were so excited…the energy was high…it provides a mindset. It provides unity. It brings us all together on one accord."

The program focuses on prayer for American soldiers and for city teenagers who are fighting temptions of drugs and gangs.

It has become so popular that family and friends of the congregation have come in from out of state. Judy Thompson, who traveled from Ohio to worship with the New Born congregation said, "It was really just...I can't explain words for it. The fellowship was really intense, the prayer -- you can see the healing, people healing themselves and starting the healing process for the country."

On Independence Day New Born Fellowship Church is proud to conduct their spiritual warfare.

New Born Fellowship will offer spiritual warfare services for the next several weeks and they plan to conduct similar programs every year for Independence Day.

And I gotta ask: Whatever happened to the Prince of Peace?