Dark Christianity
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May 2008
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dogemperor [userpic]
Fun with the general mindset of your average dominionist church...


An interesting look into a church that practices "spiritual warfare"...sadly, this is not terribly unusual in AoG and other pentecostal churches into "deliverance ministry"/"spiritual warfare", and it is actually a big part of what is fueling the present dominionist movement (many of them that aren't blatantly Christian Reconstructionist are seeing the fight to establish dominionism as a form of "spiritual warfare", and it is actually implicit in "dominion theology"/"deliverance ministry").

The really sick and scary thing is that the members and attendees don't seem to see any contradiction whatsoever with, say, Christ being a pacifist for the most part (as I recall, the one time Jesus got *really* pissed off was with people who were using the church for their own profit--the moneylenders and people selling sacrifices and such; something tells me he probably would not much like dominionists either, but that's my two pence).

Some general background info:

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kingdom_Now_theology (which is actually the flavour of dominionism practiced in churches into the "spiritual warfare" stuff)
http://www.mislinks.org/topics/spconflict.htm (includes both "pro" and "contra" links)
http://livingpresence.org/cms/terrorism.shtml (how "dominion theology" has inspired bona fide terrorism at times--many of the people who attacked abortion clinics, for instance, were/are under the sincere belief they were "driving out a demonic influence")