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May 2008
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dogemperor [userpic]
Interesting article (from some sites I linked to earlier)


Very good article on how the dominionist right thinks, as explained through the "Left Behind" books--and how this is influencing US foreign and domestic policy (which is honestly something I've seen for a while, but this puts it rather better especially for folks who may not entirely be familiar with dominionism).

One thing of note that I have not seen before--apparently one of the folks directly advising Shrub on dominionist/"Religious Right" issues, Doug Wead, is AoG; in other words, the very dominionist denomination of which I walked away from, which pretty much has hijacked the Armed Forces chapliancy program to create "Christian Soldiers", the one which Ashcroft is a member of--is directly steering the President of the United States in all his kowtowing to the dominionists. (It would *ALSO* explain why there is so much specific AoG friendliness and imagery in the present administration. I would also not be shocked to see a lot *more* links with that specific group; as an AoG walkaway, I can say that they've been working at this for a goodly forty years :P)

One of the things I'm impressed on is showing the specifics of the armageddonist theology implicit in at least the AoG-flavoured branches of dominionism (which is actually an excellent primer, and also matches what I remember in the group I walked away from) as well as how Shrub is being influenced by these folks and is actively sympathising with them--in other words, it gives a rare glimpse into the thought processes involved.