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May 2008
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And the dominionists are at it again trying to wreck the constitution...

...as if that "Flag Desecration Amendment" wasn't bad enough (which has, unfortunately, passed the House)...

http://www.family.org/cforum/fnif/news/a0037064.cfm (warning: triggering to walkaways)

Yes, they're trying to pass yet another amendment to *reverse* court decisions (and mind, the court decision was still regarded as allowing religious monuments if in historical context with *other* documents--aka you can show the Ten Commandments with, say, the Code of Hammurabi or the Six Nations' Accord of the Tree, but *not* as a strictly religious thing (as was attempted in KY).)

They are specifically going after constitutionally reversing the decision in KY, in which dominionist parties explicitly were putting the Ten Commandments in courthouses as a religious statement (as an aside--KY, especially those same counties, were also in a court decision that removed the Ten Commandments from being *required* to be posted in schools--yes, few people know it was required by *law*, and yes, the dominionists are *still* raising hell about it).

(And before people ask, yes, this is by far not the first time this has been tried--Istook has been trying to get this damn thing passed since at least 1997. http://atheism.about.com/library/FAQs/cs/blcs_rfa.htm as well as http://www.atheists.org/flash.line/rfaup.htm list previous efforts, and the asshat's own page (at http://www.house.gov/istook/religiousfreedom/) also details a history.)

Even worse, there is a growing movement by dominionists to actually have Roy Moore considered as a candidate for Supreme Court Justice (including multiple petition attempts):

http://www.conservativeusa.org/JusticeRoyMoore.htm (one of the offending petitions; reportedly the "Constitution Party", a dominionist party formerly called the US Taxpayer's Party that makes the Texas Republican Party platform look downright liberal in comparison (seriously--the "Constitution Party" is blatantly Christian Reconstructionist; http://glaivester.blogspot.com/2004/10/constitution-party-and-christian_08.html notes that one of the actual founders was Rushdoony *himself*; Randall Terry, who runs "Reclaiming America" and formerly operated Operation Rescue, is also a co-founder) also has a petition drive to get Roy Moore as a Supreme Court justice)

This is Bad All Around (especially since Roy Moore is blatantly Reconstructionist; I think if (gods above, gods below, and gods in between *forbid*) he DID manage to get in as a Justice a *lot* of people would suddenly have very good grounds to apply for political asylum in Holland; I know *I* would be moving that "plan B" into place)...it does NOT help that he's presently the "Golden Boy" of dominionists (http://www.pfaw.org/pfaw/general/default.aspx?oid=11927)

More info on this at MooreWatch, http://www.bravesbeat.com/bravesjournal/warliberal/archives/get_your_moore_on/roywatch/index.html

The "Constitution Party", of course, has links to racist groups all around, both from Moore and other members who address the modern version of "white citizen's councils" (http://www.bravesbeat.com/bravesjournal/warliberal/archives/2004/10/more_links.html as well as SPLC's reports). They're also known to be linked to militia groups, including "Christian Identity" and "Christian Patriot" groups (such as Tim McVeigh and Eric Rudolph are suspected of having been involved in).

As it is, Roy's been a bit of a liar all around: http://mediamatters.org/items/200506290001 notes how he actively lied regarding the criteria the US Supreme Court used in the Ten Commandment cases in KY, and apparently the IRS has rejected nonprofit status in past for Roy Moore's groups (http://www.al.com/news/birminghamnews/index.ssf?/base/news/112029583832200.xml&coll=2).

Still...it's not going to be a smooth ride at all. People *need* to be contacting the ACLU and SPLC and likeminded groups. Unless, of course, Holland and Canada want to see a lot of asylum cases in future :P

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