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Another potential ally in the fight against religious abuse targeted at kids


Coalition Against Institutionalised Child Abuse is a watchdog group, much like ISAC (http://www.isaccorp.org) and Emancipation Project (http://www.emancipationproject.org) that focuses on awareness of and fighting against coercive "behaviour modification" facilities.

(Again, this is of note because many if not the vast majority of "behaviour mod" facilities of this type are in fact operated by dominionist groups; Love In Action is promoted in literature from Focus on the Family and the American Family Association, for example. Some groups such as WWASP have also been known to promote causes in the dominionist community (such as "de-gaying therapy"); many dominionist-run schools are also promoting themselves as "tough love" schools. A number of former WWASP schools, too, are now owned and operated as blatantly dominionist "correction schools".)

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