Dark Christianity
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May 2008
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dogemperor [userpic]
Letters and flyers


[info]thedemonprist had a very intersting idea- writing a letter to her pastor warning about the Dominionist threat. I am very interested to see what she comes up with, to be honest. My question to all of you is, how would you tell your pastor or family/friends/colleagues about the Dominionists?

Another community on Yahoo, no_dominion, has come up with a similar idea- the creation of warning tracts or flyers about Dominionists. The discussion begins here, and has some interesting viewpoints. I caution on a post that we must be precise as to how we define Dominionists- so to avoid tarring non-dominionist Evangelicals and Fundementalist (and moderate) Christians with the same brush. Another writer steps in with this thought:

A year ago I posted an summary with excerpts from Katherine Yurica's site. [Link pending]

One of the immediate responses reflects, I believe, the sense of doubt and denial that most mainline conservative Christians feel or express when confronted with the realities of dominionism.

It would appear to me that each and every one of the issues involved in the article are contrived. Almost every conservative congregation would have members who believe differently on those issues even if the leadership or majority felt their rightness. I don't concede that there is such a movement. There are conspiracy theories about all powerful movements. The article itself is weighted down with almost no reliable sources of recent worth. In the example of the Pro-Israel issue, support for that country does not villify Americans. Americans and Israelis have almost always been on the same side of the political
fence. The entire article is mudslinging from a religious point of view. It seeks to paint all or most conservative churches into the same mold, and that is rediculous thinking. The thread should be
retitled to say, 'My agenda to sling more mud than is really needed on the American conservative church.'

So it seems that we must have care to consider the fact that the Christian community will be just as skeptical and resistant to this idea as the Pagan community has been (and currently is). The news is percolating into the mainstream, but it hasn't yet been repeated in enough places enough times to start working through the shells of indifference of the masses.

However, in noting the growth of both this community (and that of the Yahoo group, which I was a founding member but do not own), it seems that this thought and its accompanying ideas are starting to penetrate the mainstream.

In the meantime, I would like to call upon the brainpower here to come up with an idea for a possible tract or flyer. How would you do it? How would you present it? If you had the Mailing List of the Gods and a proper budget, what would you say to people about the 'theocorporates', 'christocrats', or Dominionists? I look forward to your replies.