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May 2008
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John Ashcroft's "Rotten" Resume


While Rotten.com isn't for the faint of heart, it does have redeeming qualities. Take, for instance their biography of our US Attorney General, John Ashcroft:

When President George W Bush decided to elevate Ashcroft from his undistinguished post in the Senate, the collective cringe could be heard all across America, from women, gays, blacks, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, supporters of civil rights, doctors, people who enjoy having sex, Methodists...

And if there's anything worse than an attorney general with an apocalyptic messiah complex, it's an attorney general with an apocalyptic messiah complex at a time when infidels have declared a holy war on America.

And if there's anything worse than THAT... it would have to be an attorney general who writes inspiratational songs and forces his staff to sing them daily, an attorney general whose father anointed him in a messianic ritual when he took office, an attorney general who drafted the biggest rollback of individual rights in American history and is already planning a sequel...

A very interesting article worth your time- and a great shot of him before the 'boobage' was banished.

John Ashcroft

Read it and try to sleep tonight. "The Ring" is light entertainment compared to this guy's dreams for the US...

Sunfell (Thanks, Eddy!)

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